Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Fastest Easiest Way to Download Youtube Videos to MP4 Format

Many of you are not aware perhaps that you can directly download Youtube videos without installing any software. Best of all, you can download and play these youtube videos to your cellphones, iphone, or mp4 players without the need to convert them. You only need to download a firefox add-on which works flawlessly on your browser. No need for YouTube Downloader programs. No need to visit websites where you input the url of the video you want to download .. This one works fast and easy..

"Download YouTube Videos as MP4 and FLV" is a small extension which adds a download button on the YouTube video pages, so you can download videos as MP4 or FLV.

The extension is based on a Greasemonkey script. If you use Chrome, Opera, Safari or Internet Explorer, install the script.

You can download this add-on for free.. Just copy paste this link on your browser.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Black Friday 2010 Amazon Deals

Black Friday 2010 Amazon Deals

Amazon Black Friday Deals will soon be live on their website.  Expect tons of great deals on different products. Black Friday 2010 is one of the biggest shopping day of the year, and it offers probably one of best sales for major stores like Amazon.

Check out my other posts for Amazon Black Friday Adscans. I will be providing for these once I get my hands on them. So do bookmark my blog for Black Friday deals.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Justin Bieber's Photoshop'd Todateen Photo: The Controversial Picture

Justin Bieber is the cover of a Brazilian teen magazine called Todateen in its November 2010 issue. But the Justin Bieber Todateen photo seems to be a product photoshop. Fans and non fans alike have noticed the smudged gyliner, powder puff perfect complexion, the dewy lips and all.

What do you think? I've got the photo below. You decide! Personally, JB looks "gay" here. No offense to all JB fans. He is a beautiful guy. No need to photoshop or do extreme make up of Justin. I think he is goodlooking as he is.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

English Movies Online?

I am such a movie addict. I could spend the full 12 hours straight just watching English movies not online though. However I am curious at watching English Movies online free. I wonder if there are websites offering english movies online streaming without violating the copyright law. To my surprise there are indeed sites like these. You can find free english movies, hindi movies, name it, you can find all sorts of films in these types of websites. We all know it's illegal but how come they get away with it? 

Anyway, english movies online, hindi movies are just a click of the button away. As long as people patronize these kind of stuff, they will live on.  Just like my post on watching online movie streaming via megavideo.  Who says you can't find free goodies online? They flood the web. :( But everything that's free is good.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sexy Megan Fox Wallpapers

Are you a Megan Fox fan? If so, enjoy some of these Megan Fox Wallpapers free that I found online. These are random images I think from her movies. Megan Fox wallpapers/ Photos below. Enjoy guys and keep visiting my blog.

Please right click the photos then save.

Pregnancy Miracle: You can get Pregnant!

How to get pregnant?

Many women suffer from infertility issues all over the world. It is frustrating for many women and their husbands to remain childless for years and years of marriage. There's a book called Pregnancy Miracle which I happen to learn through a friend. Pregnancy Miracle ebook is authored by Lisa Olson who suffered from infertility problem. Determined to get pregnant, this woman gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 44 years old. She went on giving another birth thereafter. Truly a miracle at her age. But how did she do it? She spent years studying about infertility and how to cure it.  She is a living proof to her success at giving birth despite her infertility issue. How? She shares her secrets in the "Pregnancy Miracle" ebook. Amazingly,

"In less than 3 months on average 27 out of 35 women participating in my experiment had conceived"

Truly amazing. If you are having infertility problems, this ebook is a great help for you. This is not really free. But I bet you have tried everything there is to conceive. You have spent thousands of dollars visiting doctors, buying supplements, etc all because you want to have a baby. So why fret spending a little over $20 for this ebook. This could be the "solution" you are looking for. This is not some sales talk. Just wanna share this information to all women out there.

Good luck!

Facebook Hack: Your Account Could be in danger!

Your Facebook account could be hacked!

Facebook hack/ Facebooking profile hacking started when facebook came into existence.  No brainer.. of course! Facebook has put up a lot of security measures to prevent Facebook profile photo hacking which was so rampant back then. But hackers never run out of ideas to hack facebook accounts. Just browse youtube and you will find so many videos about software to hack facebook. Of course don't you dare download those files or else you will be sorry as most of these are virus, trojans that as a result will hack your computer and steal your privacy.

However, there are indeed facebook hacking tools online, I believe, which makes us all vulnerable when hackers decide to target us. Just recently I noticed a new way of hacking facebook. Not the usual "fake facebook login page", but still quite similiar. Hackers will send messages to your email. The email purportedly comes from facebook something like 

"John Doe commented on your photo..(facebook link)"

When you click on the link you will find a fake "Facebook Login Page". When you login, voila! Your facebook username and password are now hacked.

So be very careful. I was almost fooled by these fake email messages allegedly coming from facebook. Never open facebook using the links provided in your emails. Go directly to the facebook login page and you are better safe at that.

Updates on Black Friday 2010 Deals/Xbox360/Laptop/PSP/GPS coming soon..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Black Friday 2010 Car Deals

Don't think BLACK FRIDAY is just about discounts for GPS, LAPTOPS, TV, PSP, CLOTHES!  In fact, BLACK FRIDAY is a good time to buy cars and get huge discounts!  You refuse to believe? According to car pricing researchers at, black friday is the best day to buy a car. Analysts figured out that discounts on black friday are on average the biggest of the year! Hence think of black friday deals? Think of black friday car deals on Toyota cars, Ford cars, Hyundai cars, Susuki and Honda civic cars.

Where to find black friday 2010 car deals? Via your favorite stores. BEST BUY is a good place to start. Do check the web as well for any black friday suv deals, truck deals, and motorcyle deals.

Kmart Black Friday Toy Deals

A lot of black friday deals leaked on the web. Kmart Black Friday deals on a wide array of toys just leaked out as reported by many websites. The Kmart Black Friday Toy deals for 2010 features a 40 page catalog of over 200 toys selling for under $50. Kids and those kids at heart will love this. Other Black Friday 2010 Deals

Adscans will be posted soon. I will have to check if it is safe to post these adscans here. I saw the link online and will have to just verify if it is safe to share it this early. :)

Black Friday Shoe Deals!
Black Friday PSP Deals
Black Friday Jewelry Deals
GPS deals

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Black Friday 2010 Shoes Deals, Flyers and Coupons!

Are you looking to get new pair of shoes this coming Black Friday 2010? I hope you do because Black Friday is an ideal time to do a lot of shopping. Needless to point out, it is Black Friday, the grandest shopping season of the year where gadgets, digital cameras, clothes, toys and shoes have the friendliest prices. Speaking of Black Friday 2010 Shoe deals, I suggest as a good place to start looking. No, you don't have to limit your search for Black Friday 2010 Shoe deals to Amazon. There's BestBuy, Target, and other stores. But I am a lover of Amazon hence, I will for sure include great deals on shoes for Black Friday in my blog. I will also try to provide you information on Black Friday shoe deals from other stores. Just bookmark my blog and be back every now and then.

Anyway, I just arrived from my long travel. I'm still kind of tired and dizzy but I can't take my hands off the keyboard.. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Victoria Rathgeb charged with Attempted Murder

Victoria Rathgeb charged with Attempted Murder

Victoria Rathgeb charged with Attempted Murder!

Victoria Rathgeb was a former 1968 play-bo-y playmate of the year. She was then using the name Angela Dorian. She was also known as Victoria Vetri and appeared in the movie "Rosemary's Baby.

She has been charged of attempted murder for trying to kill her very own husband Bruce Rathgeb. She was arrested in October 16, 2010 for shooting her husband. Victoria who is now 66 years old has been arraigned in LA courtroom. She pleaded not guilty.Meanwhile,  Bruce Rathgeb, Victoria's husband is in critical condition in a hospital in LA.

Will be adding Victoria Rathgeb photo/picture later. Can't seem to upload photos now.

Black Friday 2010 Digital Camera Deals

Are you looking forward to getting a new digital camera and accessories this Black Friday? I hope so because Black Friday 2010 Digital Camera deals are gonna be awesome. Why? It is because of the emergence of high megapixel phones in the market which now run in competition with digital cameras. Mobile phones now function as digital camera equipped with high megapixels for shooting needs.  Low megapixel cameras are surely to hit the shelves at lower prices and high end digital cameras will carry friendly tags as Black Friday 2010 approaches.

Black Friday digital camera deals for sony, nikon, kodak, sanyo, panasonic, samsung, olympus, canon, pentax, casio and other brands will be posted here the soonest the information is available. Don't forget to bookmark my blog for Black Friday 2010 Digital Camera deals.

Black Friday 2010 Nintendo Wii Deals

Back in 2009, Black Friday Nintendo Wii gaming console dropped to as low as $179.99 with free shipping with $20 below retail for the wii. There were Nintendo Wii packages for black friday as well back then. Wallmart also gave a $50 gift card in every purchase of Nintendo Wii for $199, giving the impression that the Wii was sold for only $149$ a piece. A good price drop.

Black Friday 2010 Nintendo Wii deals predictions look promising. It is expected that a better, more pocket friendly Nintendo Wii black friday deals will welcome buyers this year, considering the presence of Mircosoft Kinect, Xbox 360 Slim and Sony Playstation 3+ motion controller. Here are some of the Leaked Black Friday Deals:

  • Solo Mircosoft Kinect - $150
  • Solo Microsoft Kinect bundled with Xbox 360 Slim -$399
  • Solo Kinect + Sony PS3 Slim - $399

Nintendo Wii needs to be marketed well this black friday so it could compete in sales with the Kinect, Xbox 360, and Sony PS3. With that, we could at least expect a better Black Friday 2010 Nintendo Wii deals.

More Black Friday 2010 deals and predictions in the next posts.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Black Friday 2010 Xbox 360 deals

Last year, was a good year for xbox 360 users. Wallmart had very good black friday Xbox 360 deals at only $199 plus a bonus $100 worth of Wallmart gift cards, which tells us that Xbox 360 was sold for only $99 a piece.

For this Black Friday 2010, this coming November 26, 2010, will we be seeing the same trend or an even better xbox 360 deals from Wallmart,, Best Buy?

Predictions? The US economy is moving out of recession, that is a good sign. In addition, the introduction of new Xbox 360 slim in the market should result to more discounts for old xbox 360 models. We should also be hoping for discounts on Xbox 360 slim as well as black friday xbox 360 game discounts especially that from EA Sports.

Amazon will also have black friday xbox 360 deals and discounts for everyone. Amazon links will be provided in this post soon.

Watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer

The new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer is now available. The new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie is an upcoming film of the Harry Potter sequel of the Harry Potter novels written by British author J.K. Rowling.
The book was released on 21 July 2007, ending the series that began in 1997 with the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. This book chronicles the events directly following Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2005), and leads to the long-awaited final confrontation between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort.- wikipedia
Watch Harry Potter and the deathly hallows video streaming (trailer only) courtesy of youtube

Tom Bosley is dead!

TMZ reported the death of Tom Bosley at the age of 83 at a hospital in Rancho Mirage, CA.. According to a rep for the Bosley, Tom Bosley "died of natural causes or specifically, from a brief battle with lung cancer. 

Tom Bosley was Mr. Cunningham on "Happy Days".

 Photo source

May he be at peace with the Creator! Condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Tom Bosley.

Black Friday 2010 Jewelry Deals

Women are in love with JEWELRY. This coming black friday, the she in us will definitely finds gems with black friday jewelry deals. If you have plans of buying jewelry  now, no no.. stop.. WAIT till BLACK FRIDAY so you can save thousands and avail of black friday deals.

Amazon is great place for your JEWELRY needs ranging from necklaces, rings, bracelets watches, charms, etc. Black Friday jewelry deals await all women.

Black Friday 2010 GPS Deals

BLACK FRIDAY GPS DEALS? There are a lot of good deals for GPS this black friday at AMAZON. There will be no link to the Amazon gps deals at the moment. But I will provide you with updates on black friday gps deals 2010.  Discounts for black friday gps deals should save you tons of money. GPS navigation system deals are also available on wallmart, best buy, and target. If you are unsure on where to buy, you can start an early search for this black friday gps deal now to give you an idea of the cool gsp systems in the market. Later on, as black friday comes you will have an idea and hopefully see that gps you like for sale at tremendous discounts. I like GARMIN! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Black Friday 2010 Laptop Deals: Dell, Acer, Asus, MSI, Toshiba, MacBook

One of the most sought items this Black Friday 2010 are laptops. Althought tablets and notebooks are gaining popularity as well, the old reliable laptop has its mob of followers! Time for black friday 2010 laptop deals. Name your manufacturer, dell, acer, asus, msi, toshiba, etc.. there are good deals for everyone this BLACK FRIDAY 2010.

Last year the lowest laptop deal was at WALLMART with the price tag of only $198 for eMachines eME627 Windows 7 notebook. Should we be expecting an even better laptop deal this year? I hope so. With the entry of tablets and notebooks in the market, a cheap laptop is sure to bring in sales.

Speaking of processors Intel’s Core i3 should attract buyers this year. As for APPLE's MacBook it is still pricey at AMAZON at $900. The likelihood of a black friday 2010 MACBOOK DEAL is too little but we could hope for discounts in terms of macbook bundles -accessories etc.

BLACK FRIDAY 2010 LAPTOP DEALS will  be added below soon. {black friday 2010 ipad deals}

Black Friday 2010 Deals

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! Every woman likes to shop. But lets make it "everyone" likes to shop this coming BLACK FRIDAY 2010 with all the awesome BLACK FRIDAY 2010 deals at AMAZON, WALLMART, BEST BUY, TARGET, and more more stores.

Black Friday might just be the busiest shopping day of the year but it's fun when you get the best black friday deals.

Here are some of my personal tips before you dash in with the crowd for your black friday shopping spree.

1. Get a good sleep a night before your shopping day. Shopping is fun yet could be exhausting. So a good sleep should get your muscles ready for the busy day ahead.

2. Search for BLACK FRIDAY 2010 ADS, FLYERS  online and offline. The web is so powerful. Use it to your advantage as you search for black friday 2010 flyers and discount codes. GOOGLE is your friend.

3. Know the key items you want beforehand. Take down notes.

4. Map out your day! Decide which stores you want to visit first.

5. If you like something as you shop, grab it. Don't think there might be a better item at the end of the lane coz there might not be. You can  always disregard the first item in case you find a better one as you go aopong.

6. Shop online! You can avoid the crowd if you shop online. So choose which option is more convenient for you.

Now going back to BLACK FRIDAY 2010 DEALS, BLACK FRIDAY 2010 ADS and FLYERS, I will update this blog for very very important information regarding this, so follow me and bookmark my blog. I will help you find the best black friday deals for this year.

Black Friday 2010 TV Deals

BLACK FRIDAY TV DEALS for this year will be posted here prior to the BLACK FRIDAY 2010 a long with other black friday 2010 deals.

One of the classic most bought items during BLACK FRIDAY are televisions. HDTV or high definition television is what's most in. You can get great discounts with black friday 2010 tv deals as long as you visit us often for black friday 2010 ads, discounts and promo codes.

Here are some tips before purchasing HDtV Televisions this blackfriday 2010.

1. Research first about the details of the televisions you want to purchase.

2. Narrow your choices and pick what you like best in terms of quality and value.

3.  Go for the branded ones like SONY, SAMSUNG, SANYO, PANASONIC. There are discounts for these great items for black friday so never choose the brands without reputation.

4. Visit wallmart, bestbuy, target, amazon, etc every  now and then for discounts prior to black friday 2010..

5. Print coupon codes and bring them with you as you shop.

6. Know the store policies,  and warranties before closing a deal.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Black Friday 2010 iPad Deals:Best Buy, Amazon, Wallmart, Target

Apple might just give it's consumers a great discount on many of its products especially iPad, ipod, and iPhone this coming Black Friday 2010. If you are the type who wants to wait a little longer before purchasing the most popular tablet in the market, then watch out for iPad black friday deals for 2010. 

iPad is available on Best Buy but there are news that it will also be available this black friday 2010 in Wallmart and Target. That's a good news! Other tablets in the market such as SAMSUNG GALAXY,  HP SLATE, DELL STREAK, ASUS EEE, MSI, QUANTA, apad irobot and other cheap tablets might also be sold for less on black friday. You do have a lot of choices.

Remember to bookmark my blog for iPAD BLACK FRIDAY 2010 deals, ads and flyers so you can save money and still enjoy the good stuff. {sony psp deals here}

Black Friday 2010 PSP Deals: Sony PSP Deals

Now that BLACK FRIDAY 2010 is just over a month away, psp users must be excited to avail of black friday 2010 psp deals. Huge discounts may be availed of this BLACK FRIDAY 2010 for your purchases of PSP not only PSP but there are black friday laptop deals, mp4 deals, digital camera deals, black friday 2010 tv deals and much more.
I bet there'll be a higher interest in Sony PSP deals. AMAZON, WALLMART, will surely have amazing psp deals for this year. I will scan the sites for you and provide direct links here to great SONY PSP DEALS for BLACK FRIDAY 2010.

Super Bowl 45 Live Stream

Super Bowl 45 or Super Bowl 2011 (XLV) is scheduled early next year in the love month of February 2011. 

When exactly is Super Bowl 45 taking place? It will be on February 6, 2011 at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas.

SUPER BOWL 2011 LIVE STREAM| SUPER BOWL  LIVE STREAM is possible via FOX, which happens to be granted the rights to officially broadcast Super Bowl XLV. Other possible sources to watch Super Bowl 45 are justintv, sopcast, usstream, espn, yahoosports among others. I will try to update you with this information prior to the start off time of SUPER BOWL 45. Want to watch SUPER BOWL 45 online? Bookmark my blog as early as now for details on this one.

Tickets for Super Bowl 2011 may be purchased via online sites which i will be providing here soon.

As for the SUPER BOWL 45 ADS| SUPER BOWL 2011 COMMERCIALS, according to reports, in as early as September 2010, almost all the ad slot of FOX have been sold out. Here are some of the information i've gathered.

  •  There will be three ads for Pepsi Max drink, which is the official soft drink of the NFL, and like their Frito-Lay sibling brand Doritos, which is also returning, have their advertisements created by web users, and like the tortilla chip maker, offer a total prize of US $5 million of the top three ads if they win the annual USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter contest. 
  • Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Hyundai have announced plans to buy ad time.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Alicia Keys Baby Egypt Dean

Congratulations to Alicia Keys for having given birth to a healthy baby boy name Egypt Dean. The news about Alicia Keys giving birth was confirmed by MediaTakeOut. Accordingly, the singer went to New York's St Luke Roosevelt hospital in a "special celebrity section" of the maternity ward reserved for VIPs.

For Alicia Keys baby photos or Egypt Dean photos/Egypt Dean pictures, please wait for my updates or visit Mediatakeout.

Justin Bieber Rapping VIDEO

Justin Bieber starts rapping! Yay! This cool popular male star is learning how to rap. Does he have what it takes to be a good rapper just like Justin Timberlake? You watch the Justin Bieber rapping video below and decide.

JB introduced "Shawty Mane" via his twitter account.. This is his rapping ego, posting in twitter

" “Speaking in tongues freestyle … who knew i could rap lol … my alter ego rap name is Shawty Mane … hah.”

Bieber also made mention of Tom Brady in the rap saying,

“Hello Mr. Brady / Tell him to leave his hair to the guy who sings ‘Baby.”

Justin Bieber's Rapping VIDEO October 2010

T.J Lavin Crash VIDEO

 BMX star T.J Lavin is in serious condition after a terrible crash in a Dew Tour event in Las Vegas Nevada. T.J Lavin, 33 years old was trying a nac nac combination over the second set of the dirt course but he lost control of his bike and crashed to the ground. He was unconscious after the crash and was brought to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

Video of T.J Lavin's crash below.

 T.J Lavin Crash Video from youtube

Thursday, October 14, 2010

UFO in New York October 2010 PHOTO and VIDEO

UFO in New York October 2010 PHOTO and VIDEO below!

A UFO in New York? Would you believe? Well, it's up to you to decide. According to a report by Chicago Tribune

People claimed to have seem the unusual sight Wednesday afternoon. Authorities say around 1:30 p.m. they received calls from many people who saw the object hovering over Chelsea.

Many people took to Twitter to talk about the possible UFO sighting and posted pictures of the bizarre image.

It is believed the object is likely some sort of balloon, however, officials have not confirmed exactly what it is.

UFO in New York VIDEO from YOUTUBE.

Jasmine Waltz PHOTOS with Ryan Seacrest: Jasmin's Pretty!

Jasmine Waltz PHOTOS with Ryan Seacrest: Jasmine's pretty! I was visiting a blog and saw these Jasmine Waltz pictures and another photo with Ryan Seacrest. She is gorgeous!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Justin Bieber Jasmine Villegas Hugging PHOTO

PHOTOS of Justin Bieber and rumored girlfriend Jasmine Villegas hugging in Hawaii. Check out more Justin Bieber Hawaii photos in my earlier post.  Photos courtesy of

Justin Bieber in Hawaii Shirtless with Hot Babes -PHOTOS October 2010

Justin Bieber was spotted in Hawaii, shirtlesss with some girls in their bikinis. This is my second post where Justin Bieber appeared shirtless... 

For the other Justin Bieber Hawaii photos/pictures, there's a video below showcasing some of these Hawaii photos of JB.
Justin Bieber in Hawaii PHOTOS October 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Justin Bieber Cries at Concert See VIDEO

Justin Bieber couldn't help it. As he was singing "Down To Earth", a song written about his parents divorce, tears start falling from his eyes.

This is the lyrics of the song "Down To Earth".
So we fight (so we fight) through the hurt (through the hurt)
And we cry (and cry and cry and cry)
And we live (and we live) and we learn (and we learn)
And we try and try and try and try...

Justin Bieber cries at concert in Cincinnati VIDEO
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Lady Gaga's Monster Perfume

Lady  Gaga has a new perfume coming out this 2012. And guess what it's called "MONSTER"! So how's it going to smell? Based on the name of the perfume, oh well it's really going to surprise us all. lol...

Justin Bieber Latest Music Video Released

Justin Bieber Latest Music Video Released ! Justin Bieber released his new music video for the hit song “U Smile”. Watch below and enjoy!

Do check our most visited Justin Bieber articles.. Also check out JUSTIN Bieber's fashion!

Mark Herras Webcam Scandal PHOTOS

Mark Herras denies allegations on his Webcam Scandal.

Photos of the alleged Mark Herras webcam scandal have circulated the internet and I happen to get a copy of these Mark Herras Webcam Scandal Pictures courtesy of Getitfromboy. According to photoshop experts it is hard to fake webcam shots.

Even if granting for the sake of argument that the guy in the video, see photo, is Mark Herras, it is hard to tell with certainty that the other photo showing a male exposing his male p*nis is Mark Herras.

Could this be Mark Herras??

How about this???

According to the rumors, Mark Herras was allegedly chatting with another male named Dheyle Dizon (according to See photo below.  I checked the facebook URL but there is no Dheyle Dizon profile anymore.

Now, here in this photo we can see Mark Herras wearing allegedly the same gray sando in the webcam scandal.

Mark Herras denies all the allegations thrown at him saying as quoted from

Bagaman malaki ang pagkakahawig ni Mark sa lalaking makikita sa webcam, sinabi ng aktor na kapansin-pansin na wala itong bigote at balbas na taglay niya nang panahon na makunan ang larawan batay sa nakasaad sa date frame sa webcam.

Paliwanag ni Mark, lumitaw na buwan ng Abril ang nakasaad sa date frame ng webcam kung saan ginagawa niya ang soap na
Paano ba ang Mangarap kung saan ang karakter na ginagampanan niya ay may bigote at balbas.

Napag-alaman din dumalo si Mark sa isang event ng GMA 7 nang araw na gawin ang pakikipag-chat ng lalaking hawig sa aktor. Ngunit hindi umano natapos ni Mark ang naturang event at nagpaalam siyang umalis ng maaga dahil masama ang kanyang pakiramdam.

Napangiti rin lang si Mark dahil lumilitaw na lalaki rin ang ka-chat ng misteryosong lalaki sa webcam na pinagpakitaan nito ng maselang bahagi ng katawan.

How about you? Do you think the Mark Herras webcam scandal is real? Do you think it was Mark Herras showing his private pa-rt in the photo?