Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review: Skinny Coffee By Sakura (Weight Loss Results)

Weight gain has forced me to be more active again, by engaging in daily exercise and making healthy food choices.  

I gained about 5 kilos since I started my new job.  Considering that I am not a tall woman, a slight weight gain is already obvious. So last month, I decided my weight loss program.  5 kilos isn't that hard to lose, right? But it is not the case for someone who is not that big.  In my case 5 kilos is still very hard to lose. So I decided to cheat a little.  I tried a slimming coffee- SKINNY COFFEE by Sakura.  Of course, I did my part of researching first. I am very well aware of the dangers associated with not going the natural way.  My advise is to always go natural as much as possible.

So anyway, I tried the Be Light 5 Day Program of Skinny Coffee by Sakura.  The instruction says I must drink 1 cup of Skinny Coffee daily for 5 days, preferably every morning. The Skinny Coffee is supposed to curb your appetite and make you drink more water throughout the day.  The ingredients will help you lose all those extra inches off your body. 

1 box of Skinny Coffee with 5 sachets costs 120 pesos to as much as 180 pesos, depending on the seller. I got mine from an online seller. Please be aware that there are fake Skinny Coffee by Sakura, so be very very careful.

So what did I feel while taking this slimming coffee? It tasted so good. It is just your ordinary coffee. I love the taste. I had no palpitations, no headaches, no dizziness. I also noticed that I was sweating more. I also was always thirsty so I up my water intake.  I also did not feel that hungry as I used to feel without the coffee.   So i continued the 5 day program. But there were times when I'd drink two cups of coffee a day. I heard feedbacks that those who drank it twice a day lost at least 2 kilos  a week. But, that didnt happen to me. Did I lose weight drinking Sakura Skinny Coffee?  Yes I did!  I lost more than a kilo. But what I really noticed the most is my belly area. It wasn't bloated and I definitely lost an inch or so. Amazing!  But I did not just rely on the coffee. I was doing exercises and I minimized my rice/bread/sweets intake. So I think it wasn't just the coffee alone.  But guys, the changes in belly size is so noticeable. I really love it! 

Will I buy and take this coffee again? Yes but I will not be taking two cups a day and it won't be because of weight loss. I'll take this coffee because I love coffee.  I still want the natural way of losing weigh though.

NB: This is not a sponsored post. This is my personal opinion of the product.

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