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Thursday, September 25, 2014

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NO RICE Diet: Before and After Photos

Rice is a staple in households here in Asia especially in the Philippines. Meals are not complete without rice on the table.  Completely eradicating rice on one's diet is hard. But for the sake of losing weight, I am embarking on this no-rice diet.  Yes I will be providing for before and after photos after a month of trying this no rice diet. Wish me luck!

It's been over a week since i started the no rice diet. But i've cheated though. So here's the plan. I will try (yeah, notice the word is "TRY") to avoid rice in my meals.  But i will have a cheat day, not days or cheat weeks. During my cheat day every week, I can eat 1 cup of rice or less, no more than a cup. I am including a cheat day for this NO-RICE Diet Plan because there are occassions or gatherings in your social life that you really can't avoid.  Exercise will also be part of my daily routine (as it has always been) or at least 3 times a week. That will include cardio, and some muscle toning exercises.

My goal is to just lose 2 to kilos and have my body toned. I have lots of fat on my tummy area and they say rice is the main culprit for this.  1 lb to 2lbs a week of weight loss is my goal. So in a month, I should drop 2kilos or 3kilos and gain more muscles on my abdominal area. Fingers crossed!

At 5'1' my starting weight for this No-Rice Diet: 50.5 kilos
Two weeks after: 49 kilos
1 month after: ____ (wait for the update and No Rice Diet before and after photos)
Weight goal: 47kilos
Total weight loss/ no rice diet results: ____ (wait for the update :)

Have you tried the NO-RICE DIET? Did it work for you?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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Boost Your Romance in 5 Easy Steps

Few simple ways to spice up your romance life and get more close with your partner:

1. Relish the Small Stuff.

There is no need for an action to show gestures of love and sweetness. Why not bring your partner a bunch of flower or prepare a candle lit dinner at home, or just cuddle with each other outside during a starry starry night.

2. Be Selfish with your Time

Ignore your friends for the time being and have the weekend exclusive for just the two of you.

3. Argue

The little day to day frustrations that build up between the two of you helps. Little misunderstandings add to a more exciting relationship.

4. Reminisce the Happy Past
Bringing back those happy memories can instantly boost your love for each other and give you instant joy.

5. Play
You don't have to spend much for a good date. Why not challenge your partner to a poker game-- not your ordinary poker game, but a sexy strip poker game.

as originally published on my old blog

Friday, July 26, 2013

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How To Deal With A Broken Heart

Dealing with a broken heart is hard but no one has died because of it. Unless the depression lead to a cardiac arrest. But definitely, it is not easy to go through the pain, the suffering, the depression, the loneliness, the anger, brought about by a broken heart. So how do you deal with a broken heart? 

Different persons have different coping up levels. Others can handle a broken relationship pretty well, while some need a lot of help in going through this situation in their lives. There are different ways to deal with a broken heart or failed relationships and since people are different, their experiences are different you can't expect the same solution to be effective to every individual. In general however, you can deal with a broken heart using the following ways: 

1. Acceptance. Accept that the relationship failed. Accept the reality for it is by acceptance that you are able to move on.

2. Recognize . Recognize that you are only human and your partner is human. You have your own faults, your own lapses. Recognize that both of you had a share of the cause of the failure of your relationship. But don't put the blame entirely on your shoulder. It takes two to tango.

3. Act On the Feeling. Cry if you feel like crying. Mourn if you feel like mourning. Crying is one way of letting go of the pain. It's normal to cry.

4. Hold on to a quotation, a principle you believe in, or a famous line that can make you strong and help you stand up. "I will survive", "I'm over him", "People go through what I am going right now".

5. Diversion. Divert your feelings. Go visit a friend. Hang out with your buddies. Watch a movie. Kill the time with your favorite hobbies, with your favorite game. There are times when the best way to deal with a situation such as this is to stay away from it.

6. Confide and Share. Tell a friend, a family member about what you're going through. It feels good to know that someone is there to comfort you. Problems become less of a burden when it is shared.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

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How To Kiss

Kiss is a sensuous activity with another person.

What is the proper way to kiss?

There is really no proper way to kiss. So if you have not experienced your first lips to lips kiss, don't fear. You may feel anxious during the first kiss but it's normal.

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how kissing should be performed, you can arm yourself with useful information to make your kissing experience more enjoyable.

1. Be kissable.
This is of course the first thing to consider. Always use lipbalm or lip softener to keep your lips soft and inviting.

2. Keep your mouth clean and Fresh.
Nobody wants to kiss a stinky mouth. Brush your teeth and tongue well, use some mouth freshner or carry some mints or menthol candies when you are going for a date.

3.Don't Hurry for A Kiss. There’s usually no hurry for a kiss, especially a first kiss with someone, so be patient and wait until the mood is right. You can kiss a person in public if you want but if it's the first kiss, its better to kiss when there's only the two of you , so if your kiss is rejected, you won't be so embarassed.

4. Kiss gently. Kisses can vary from quick pecks to sweet, to passionate kisses. There’s a time and place for all of these. But any first kiss with someone should be gentle and romantic. Don’t press your mouth onto your partner’s. The trick is to just let your lips meet. A big NO- don’t try to push your tongue into his or her mouth.

5. Breathe. Gasping or turning blue in the middle of a kiss is not romantic. Take small breaths through your nose as you kiss. Don't forget how to breath.

As originally published on my old blog
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How To Lose A Guy in 5 Days

This weapon is to be used by women only.

Sometimes there are guys who stick to us, won't give up the relationship despite the harsh truth that you're not compatible with each other, despite the apparent fact that your relationship is not working, despite the revealing truth that you have fallen out of love for him. And yet they won't leave your side. The sight of your partner is not pleasing at all. Seeing him brings no thrill, no excitement. You feel more pis*ed off than enjoy his company.

You've got to dump this guy!  Sorry for the harsh words but this is a matter of life and death! Okay, okay that’s too exaggerated :} But anyway, you can't lie to yourself and coerce your heart and mind to believe that you still love your man. Don't torture yourself. If a simple, one on one talk for a break up won't work there are some other ways, not typical and could be nasty. The choice is yours. Stick with your man and never find your real soul-mate or liberate yourself and do the following at your own risk:

1. Day one, your man picks you up for school or work.

Your move:
Leave your house before he comes. Knowing that a partner did not wait for them can be disturbing for a lot of men.

2. Day two at the park.

Your move: Talk about a new hot guy you met. Yes you will create the feeling of insecurity and jealousy for him. But he should anticipate your move after the one on one talk between you and him.

3. Day three, a walk to the beach or a nearby resort.

Your hairy move: Wear a sleeveless or a spaghetti strap. The catch, don't pluck or shave the hair in your armpit. Have it sticking for him to see. It depends if you can bear the humiliation as other people will see you too. Don't forget the hair sticking out of your nose!

4. Day four, your man visits your house.

Your betty la fea move: Don't take a bath! Look ugly! Don't Brush your teeth! Show no affection! This one is nasty but it can work to at least push your man away. Who would want a stink partner? Much more the kiss! Gross! Your man won't even kiss you if he sees that piece of meat or cabbage stuck in between your front teeth, and the smell coming from your mouth will literally drive your guy away.

5. Day five, movie watching.

Your picking pop-corn move: While eating a pack of pop-corn with your head on his shoulders, pick up the pop-corn! I mean pick your nose! Gross! Let him see you as you do that. Just remember which finger you used in picking your nose and which one you use to put the pop-corn in your mouth.

Day 6,at your own initiative talk to your man again. There’s a huge chance he will create the space you so wanted and voluntarily!

Your call! Good luck! :)

As published on my old blog

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