Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Maldita Bleach Review

It was by chance that I discovered this bleaching cream called "Maldita Bleach". I discovered it through facebook. I am not obsessed of becoming fair or white or mestiza. I'm happily contented with my skin. Uneven skin tone is a sure problem due to genetics and too much sun bathing, yeah sun exposure, but other than that, I'm at peace with my skin color. But because of the too much rave about this bleaching cream, that is by the way Philippine made, I decided to give it a try. The price was between 180 pesos to 250 pesos. I'm not sure about the Maldita Bleach reseller price though. It is pricey if you ask me, because the container is way too big for what is inside it.  One container should last you only 1 whole body application, I guess.  You also need to do the bleaching process for 7 straight days and then you do the maintenance which is twice a week or so depending on the skin tone you want to achieve. Of course if you have a darker skin, it will take time for you to reach your desired "fairness". 

The Maldita Bleaching cream smelled like it has "Perla" soap in it. It is  white in color. It looks like it has milk in it too. But the packaging doesn't really say what are its contents. I think, it should indicate the ingredients to inform the users of what they are putting on their body. The special ingredient may be kept secret though. Why am I saying this, it's because I just read that some popular beauty products like PONDS and OLAY have mercury.   That is why I feel it is obligatory that the consumers be informed of what products are made of. I believe it is our RIGHT!

Anyway, I decided to try the Maldita Bleach on my darker knuckles and feet. Not on the face, cause I'm afraid of any allergic reaction since our face has really sensitive skin. I tried the 7 day Maldita Bleach challenge. And the results? Well, it worked! The skin has lightened to about 2 shades lighter. It will take some more bleaching before those parts even out with the rest of my body. No itching at all during the 7 day bleaching period. You can actually see an improvement in the skin tone immediately thereafter.  I still have some or should I say quite a lot of the bleach left. But it is all wasted now cause the cream has a life span of only 2 weeks according to my seller. I did hear they have manufactured new Maldita bleach with a shelf life of 3 months. I'm not sure though.

Final Verdict:

Maldita Bleach works! But I won't be buying again. Why?First, I don't know the ingredients. 2nd, if one stops bleaching, eventually your skin will return to it's original skin tone.  3rd, I prefer all natural remedies for skin bleaching like lemon, potato, papaya, and milk.

If you have any questions about this whitening/bleaching cream, shoot me a comment or an email. I'd be happy to answer your queries.

God bless!

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