Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Black Friday 2010 Nintendo Wii Deals

Back in 2009, Black Friday Nintendo Wii gaming console dropped to as low as $179.99 with free shipping with $20 below retail for the wii. There were Nintendo Wii packages for black friday as well back then. Wallmart also gave a $50 gift card in every purchase of Nintendo Wii for $199, giving the impression that the Wii was sold for only $149$ a piece. A good price drop.

Black Friday 2010 Nintendo Wii deals predictions look promising. It is expected that a better, more pocket friendly Nintendo Wii black friday deals will welcome buyers this year, considering the presence of Mircosoft Kinect, Xbox 360 Slim and Sony Playstation 3+ motion controller. Here are some of the Leaked Black Friday Deals:

  • Solo Mircosoft Kinect - $150
  • Solo Microsoft Kinect bundled with Xbox 360 Slim -$399
  • Solo Kinect + Sony PS3 Slim - $399

Nintendo Wii needs to be marketed well this black friday so it could compete in sales with the Kinect, Xbox 360, and Sony PS3. With that, we could at least expect a better Black Friday 2010 Nintendo Wii deals.

More Black Friday 2010 deals and predictions in the next posts.

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Black Friday 2010 Nintendo Wii Deals
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