Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Black Friday 2010 Xbox 360 deals

Last year, was a good year for xbox 360 users. Wallmart had very good black friday Xbox 360 deals at only $199 plus a bonus $100 worth of Wallmart gift cards, which tells us that Xbox 360 was sold for only $99 a piece.

For this Black Friday 2010, this coming November 26, 2010, will we be seeing the same trend or an even better xbox 360 deals from Wallmart,, Best Buy?

Predictions? The US economy is moving out of recession, that is a good sign. In addition, the introduction of new Xbox 360 slim in the market should result to more discounts for old xbox 360 models. We should also be hoping for discounts on Xbox 360 slim as well as black friday xbox 360 game discounts especially that from EA Sports.

Amazon will also have black friday xbox 360 deals and discounts for everyone. Amazon links will be provided in this post soon.

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Black Friday 2010 Xbox 360 deals
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