Monday, October 25, 2010

Facebook Hack: Your Account Could be in danger!

Your Facebook account could be hacked!

Facebook hack/ Facebooking profile hacking started when facebook came into existence.  No brainer.. of course! Facebook has put up a lot of security measures to prevent Facebook profile photo hacking which was so rampant back then. But hackers never run out of ideas to hack facebook accounts. Just browse youtube and you will find so many videos about software to hack facebook. Of course don't you dare download those files or else you will be sorry as most of these are virus, trojans that as a result will hack your computer and steal your privacy.

However, there are indeed facebook hacking tools online, I believe, which makes us all vulnerable when hackers decide to target us. Just recently I noticed a new way of hacking facebook. Not the usual "fake facebook login page", but still quite similiar. Hackers will send messages to your email. The email purportedly comes from facebook something like 

"John Doe commented on your photo..(facebook link)"

When you click on the link you will find a fake "Facebook Login Page". When you login, voila! Your facebook username and password are now hacked.

So be very careful. I was almost fooled by these fake email messages allegedly coming from facebook. Never open facebook using the links provided in your emails. Go directly to the facebook login page and you are better safe at that.

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Facebook Hack: Your Account Could be in danger!
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