Tuesday, October 26, 2010

English Movies Online?

I am such a movie addict. I could spend the full 12 hours straight just watching English movies not online though. However I am curious at watching English Movies online free. I wonder if there are websites offering english movies online streaming without violating the copyright law. To my surprise there are indeed sites like these. You can find free english movies, hindi movies, name it, you can find all sorts of films in these types of websites. We all know it's illegal but how come they get away with it? 

Anyway, english movies online, hindi movies are just a click of the button away. As long as people patronize these kind of stuff, they will live on.  Just like my post on watching online movie streaming via megavideo.  Who says you can't find free goodies online? They flood the web. :( But everything that's free is good.

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English Movies Online?
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