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ProActiv Review 2013: Does it Work?

You've probably seen all the commercials about Proactiv Solution and mind you they are very convincing. Famous celebrities with their close to perfect if not perfect skins are endorsing this product. When you are an acne sufferer for years, you'll try all there is to finally put an end to your misery even if that means buying expensive products like Pro-Activ and fooling yourself that celebrities really use Pro-Activ. Nah! You are just kidding yourself.  But you've got to convince yourself that it does work because the famous pretty celebrity says it does. But then there is that strong voice inside you saying it doesn't.  Different voices are arguing inside your head. But we all know who wins. It's that voice telling you, "this might work. You will lose nothing if you try it. You have to try it. You have to cure your acne!". So you spend your hard earned money, half convinced that ProActiv will work. I don't know what your story is, but here's mine.

Adamant to cure my acne within 30 days time, I bought the 30 day kit of ProActiv in Watsons. It was priced at around 2,500 pesos. It was expensive. But if I get that flawless skin in as early as 30 days that would be priceless!

Before I used the ProActiv, my acne was no longer severe.  But I thought the healing period for my acne was slow.  I wanted everything cleared in 30 days or at least no new pimples by then. So, anyway, the 30 day Pro-Active kit has four products in it. 

1. ProActiv Renewing Cleanser
2. ProActiv Revitalizing Toner
3. ProActiv Repairing Lotion
4. ProActiv Refining Mask (Free Product)

I started using it early in the morning upon waking up. I used the Renewing Cleanser to wash my face. Then I follow it up with the Revitalizing Toner, then the Repairing Lotion, then my favorite moisturizer. For spot treatments I used the Refining Mask.

On my first 3 days of using ProActiv, I noticed a tremendous improvement on my skin particularly on the size of the acne. Huge acne shrunk in size to about half the original size.  After 7 days of using the products, I had no new acne.  I told myself in the mirror, this thing really works!  But wait,  let's fast forward to the 2nd week....

-------->>>Acne... Acne... Acne... Dryness.. Dryness.. Dryness <<<------ b="">

It wasn't that bad but considering I was already getting better skin prior to using ProActiv, it was frustrating.  Not wanting to prematurely judge the effectiveness of the product, I waited for another 2 weeks, that is I used the product for the 1 whole month period. But I ended up feeling unsatisfied. After a month, I still had acne, the cystic ones. Skin dryness was also a problem.   Let me clarify that after a month, my acne condition did not get worse, but it was not cured. It was like the days when I didn't use ProActiv.  ProActiv is supposed to cure acne, stop acne from developing. But suffice it to say, it did not work! The only product that I fell in love with was the Refining Mask. As spot treatment it was great.  It shrunk huge pimples fast. 

After I used up all of my ProActiv 30day kit which was about 5 weeks or over a month, I did not buy again.  I know it takes about 2 months for products to really work, but I just didn't see any much of an improvement using ProActiv to justify spending another two thousand pesos.  

Yes, almost 3 thousand pesos down the drain all for nothing! That concludes my ProActive Review.

Right now, I'm 99% pimple free though using different products and advocating healthy lifestyle. It's been two months of having only one or two pimples occuring mostly during my periods.  I have scars, deep seated ones though which I have not been able to address fast.   But thanks to foundations and concealers, they do wonders! :)

Note: I have not been paid to do this review. I purchased ProActiv Solution using my own money.

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ProActiv Review 2013: Does it Work?
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July 21, 2013 at 5:28 PM delete

thanks for the review. I plan to buy this but its expensive tapos not working naman pala. hayzt!

July 21, 2013 at 5:29 PM delete

good review! thank you. baka hindi ka hiyang sis. sa cuzin ko gumana sa kanya. no pimples na cya ngaun pero ewan ko lang kung may iba siyang ginamit. hiyangan lang din siguro.