Sunday, July 21, 2013

10 Ways to Seduce Your Man

Men like tobe seduced. So how do you seduce your man ? Don't go with the traditional lip pouting and beautiful eyes. Be imaginative. Use that seductive power in you that only a woman possess!

Here are some ways to seduce your guy:

1. Send him a sexy mms picture of yourself in your best and sexiest night dress or just wear a white transparent shirt that goes in length just above your knees and don't forget to wear a red sexy bikini.

2. Give him a gift this valentines and wrap it with your sexiest undies. Wheew this one's really sexy!

3. Give him a show! Perform a striptease. Men love the slow nakedness in the beat of a romantic music.

4. When he calls talk to him in your "sexiest night-you two alone" voice.

5. Whisper some dirty talk to him while he is talking with his boss! Just imagine how the concentration will shift from his boss to you.

6. After a shower, still wrapped in a towel, with no undies on, slowly bend over while he is at your back watching you. Make sure he sees your gorgeous booty.

7. Join him in a shower. Couples should do this every once in a while.

8. Just lie naked when he gets home. This is the easiest seductive move!

9. Accidentally but purposely touch his "private weapon" while you are doing some grocery shopping. A little public tease can add to the seduction!

10. Talk to him as if you are about to kiss him but not really. Just give him that impression and he'll go crazy wanting to get that lips of yours touch his.

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