Sunday, July 21, 2013

How To Lose A Guy in 5 Days

This weapon is to be used by women only.

Sometimes there are guys who stick to us, won't give up the relationship despite the harsh truth that you're not compatible with each other, despite the apparent fact that your relationship is not working, despite the revealing truth that you have fallen out of love for him. And yet they won't leave your side. The sight of your partner is not pleasing at all. Seeing him brings no thrill, no excitement. You feel more pis*ed off than enjoy his company.

You've got to dump this guy!  Sorry for the harsh words but this is a matter of life and death! Okay, okay that’s too exaggerated :} But anyway, you can't lie to yourself and coerce your heart and mind to believe that you still love your man. Don't torture yourself. If a simple, one on one talk for a break up won't work there are some other ways, not typical and could be nasty. The choice is yours. Stick with your man and never find your real soul-mate or liberate yourself and do the following at your own risk:

1. Day one, your man picks you up for school or work.

Your move:
Leave your house before he comes. Knowing that a partner did not wait for them can be disturbing for a lot of men.

2. Day two at the park.

Your move: Talk about a new hot guy you met. Yes you will create the feeling of insecurity and jealousy for him. But he should anticipate your move after the one on one talk between you and him.

3. Day three, a walk to the beach or a nearby resort.

Your hairy move: Wear a sleeveless or a spaghetti strap. The catch, don't pluck or shave the hair in your armpit. Have it sticking for him to see. It depends if you can bear the humiliation as other people will see you too. Don't forget the hair sticking out of your nose!

4. Day four, your man visits your house.

Your betty la fea move: Don't take a bath! Look ugly! Don't Brush your teeth! Show no affection! This one is nasty but it can work to at least push your man away. Who would want a stink partner? Much more the kiss! Gross! Your man won't even kiss you if he sees that piece of meat or cabbage stuck in between your front teeth, and the smell coming from your mouth will literally drive your guy away.

5. Day five, movie watching.

Your picking pop-corn move: While eating a pack of pop-corn with your head on his shoulders, pick up the pop-corn! I mean pick your nose! Gross! Let him see you as you do that. Just remember which finger you used in picking your nose and which one you use to put the pop-corn in your mouth.

Day 6,at your own initiative talk to your man again. There’s a huge chance he will create the space you so wanted and voluntarily!

Your call! Good luck! :)

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  1. funny! but if a guy really loves you i dont' think he will be turned off with these. just saying.