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How To Kiss

Kiss is a sensuous activity with another person.

What is the proper way to kiss?

There is really no proper way to kiss. So if you have not experienced your first lips to lips kiss, don't fear. You may feel anxious during the first kiss but it's normal.

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how kissing should be performed, you can arm yourself with useful information to make your kissing experience more enjoyable.

1. Be kissable.
This is of course the first thing to consider. Always use lipbalm or lip softener to keep your lips soft and inviting.

2. Keep your mouth clean and Fresh.
Nobody wants to kiss a stinky mouth. Brush your teeth and tongue well, use some mouth freshner or carry some mints or menthol candies when you are going for a date.

3.Don't Hurry for A Kiss. There’s usually no hurry for a kiss, especially a first kiss with someone, so be patient and wait until the mood is right. You can kiss a person in public if you want but if it's the first kiss, its better to kiss when there's only the two of you , so if your kiss is rejected, you won't be so embarassed.

4. Kiss gently. Kisses can vary from quick pecks to sweet, to passionate kisses. There’s a time and place for all of these. But any first kiss with someone should be gentle and romantic. Don’t press your mouth onto your partner’s. The trick is to just let your lips meet. A big NO- don’t try to push your tongue into his or her mouth.

5. Breathe. Gasping or turning blue in the middle of a kiss is not romantic. Take small breaths through your nose as you kiss. Don't forget how to breath.

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How To Kiss
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