Friday, July 26, 2013

How To Deal With A Broken Heart

Dealing with a broken heart is hard but no one has died because of it. Unless the depression lead to a cardiac arrest. But definitely, it is not easy to go through the pain, the suffering, the depression, the loneliness, the anger, brought about by a broken heart. So how do you deal with a broken heart? 

Different persons have different coping up levels. Others can handle a broken relationship pretty well, while some need a lot of help in going through this situation in their lives. There are different ways to deal with a broken heart or failed relationships and since people are different, their experiences are different you can't expect the same solution to be effective to every individual. In general however, you can deal with a broken heart using the following ways: 

1. Acceptance. Accept that the relationship failed. Accept the reality for it is by acceptance that you are able to move on.

2. Recognize . Recognize that you are only human and your partner is human. You have your own faults, your own lapses. Recognize that both of you had a share of the cause of the failure of your relationship. But don't put the blame entirely on your shoulder. It takes two to tango.

3. Act On the Feeling. Cry if you feel like crying. Mourn if you feel like mourning. Crying is one way of letting go of the pain. It's normal to cry.

4. Hold on to a quotation, a principle you believe in, or a famous line that can make you strong and help you stand up. "I will survive", "I'm over him", "People go through what I am going right now".

5. Diversion. Divert your feelings. Go visit a friend. Hang out with your buddies. Watch a movie. Kill the time with your favorite hobbies, with your favorite game. There are times when the best way to deal with a situation such as this is to stay away from it.

6. Confide and Share. Tell a friend, a family member about what you're going through. It feels good to know that someone is there to comfort you. Problems become less of a burden when it is shared.

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How To Deal With A Broken Heart
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November 11, 2013 at 11:57 PM delete

im broken hearted and i stick in my own saying "give chance to others" ..that's it! it did help me movd on