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Purederm Olive Collagen Mask Review

First i'd like to shout Congratulations to all Filipinos! Manny Pacquiao won against Shane Mosley!

Life has been pretty tough on me lately. I literally moved out of the house. Not that I was kicked out or anything, but I was forced to because of my review. I did not just move out of the house, I moved to another city, alone! It's not a comforting experience to rent, cook for yourself, sleep alone at night, do the usual things you do without the familiar faces around you. I had sleepless nights as the stress triggered my insomnia, and I had to study for hours, lurking at the wee hours of the night in a very unfamiliar place, with all the anxieties and fears of just about anything creeping through my grey matter!

While the good news is I did not have breakouts. Unlike the past months were I get bumps here and there almost everyday. I maybe stressed out constantly right now, but I'm getting better almost pimple free skin again. almost because I had a zit on my forehead the other day. It has shrunk in size quicker than I thought. It's healing and perhaps in 3 more days, i'm good as pimple free again.

So what have I done? I made a post about my best pimple remedy right. So please go ahead read it first.
But then here's a short recap of what I do daily.


  • splash cold water on my face to get the good circulation going/ take bath.
  • wash my face with a facial wash I use Garnier OilClear Brightening Facial Wash (Review coming up soon)
  • Apply toner on my face using Eskinol Derma Clear C with dalacin C.
  • Apply moisturizer with SPF 30 and which has collagen too. (got one from a facial clinic)

  • Apply toner when needed.
  • Reapply moisturizer.

  • Wash face with Garnier OilClear Facial Wash.
  • Apply toner again.
  • Apply fade cream which also has moisturizer (got from a facial clinic)

The fade cream is amazing as it has brightened my face, eliminating a lot of the scars. I'm happier looking at my face now..Oh yeah! 

So basically that's just what I normally do on a daily basis. I don't have Panoxyl anymore as there is no need. I don't always apply green tea anymore too.. But I still drink green tea every now and then. A liter of water a day is also very vital.


But I'd like to introduce my latest fave finds. These are facial masks. What I have tried are those from PUREDERM. I've tried two of these facials masks, but I'll be reviewing the Olive Collagen Mask first.

79.00 pesos

It is 100% pulp so it adheres to your face way better than any other masks I've tried. 
It is not so wet as compared to the mask from Garnier.
It feels so good on your face.
Smell is just fine as well.

There is only one. You are supposed to let it sit on your face for 10 to 15 minutes but you will have to let it stay extra longer as the mask has not dried up after that time. You don't want to waste the goodies from the mask, right?

Overall rating: 9/10
I love the mask as it makes the skin supple and more plump immediately. I don't have enough sleep lately. The longest sleep I could get is just 5 or 6 hours. This mask made a huge different instantly.  So yes I'm definitely gonna buy again and I will try the other masks too. 

Facial masks are really great. They give you instant relief. They are not as costly as going to the derm clinic too. Although the effects are really different. Nonetheless, if you are not having troubles with pimples , pigmentations for that matter, you can skip the trip to the derm clinics and just pamper yourself with these facial masks.

Caution: Do not apply this on your face without doing a skin test first.  You don't want to get allergies, just in case you are allergic to some of the ingredients.

Till then.

The Confessant

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Purederm Olive Collagen Mask Review
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