Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pacquiao vs Mosley Start Time?

Howdy guys!

The much awaited event of the year Pacquiao vs Mosley is finally happening. Brace  yourselves for a one hell of a fight! Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley live streaming on PPV! Manny Pacquiao will fight "Sugar" Shane Mosley for the WBO Welterweight Championship this May 7 (May 8, Philippine Time) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The Pacquiao vs Mosley start time or kick off time is at 8pm EDT.

So what time will Pacquiao vs Mosley start? It's at 8pm EDT. The undercards will first fight then followed by the main event: Pacquiao vs Mosley!

Who is going to emerge as victor in this bout of the year? Will Pacman continue to defend his title? Will he continue to prove to the world that he is indeed the best fighter, pound for pound King?! We shall all know soon!

But I fully support Manny Pacquiao and fervently prays that he wins again! :)

Go Pacman! Make all Filipinos proud again!
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