Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Best Pimple Remedy!

Wheew! Time passes so quickly and it's been a long while since I started Tickle Thy Thoughts! I didn't have the idea that I'd be really attached to this blog. I own a lot of blogs, some of which I simply have forgotten burried in the deepest chambers of the less active part of my Brainsss!  Guess, I often start things that  I cannot finish... ) But Tickle Thy Thoughts is meant to stay and to live! So while I may be extremely busy with all the hustles and bustles in my offline life, I choose to get some time off to blog and be "The Confessant" I so fondly call myself online. 

My blog is meant to share information that are useful to all my readers.  have very limited time to be online, so let's get the parteee started!

I've been battling with pimples or acne for months. I've tried many remedies, expensive products that we all get to see advertised on tv and on gigantic billboards.  Some work, some don't. Some work momentarily. Others just leave you with more pimples. You can check my articles about pimples and the various products I tried.

I won't do so much talking please understand because  my time is very limited. But here's the thing. To get rid of your pimples and to prevent further pimples from showing, you can try what I apply.

What you need: 

1.. Eskinol Derma Clear C 135ml (Or Ponds or Any Toner you like)
2. Dalacin C 150mg.

Just mix the Dalacin C to your Eskinol Derma Clear C Cleanser. Shake the mixture well.

Twice a day, preferably morning and before going to sleep. Apply this after cleansing your face. But if you have mild pimple you can just apply at night.

The Dalacin C contains antibiotic that kills the bacteria causing those pimples. I am no chemist. I also have just read this and heard this from other people. I follow the mixture above. And so far it works very well for me. As of this writing, I have no pimples, not one! I just have tiny scars but NO PIMPLES!

In combination with this treatment, maintain proper diet. Eat healthy foods.

Drink Green Tea at least once a day. Apply the green tea to your acne as well. It has healing properties.  This is very important. Green Tea is very important. I used to drink 2 to 3 cups a day when I was still on the healing process. I also apply green tea on my face for a few times in a day. Don't skip this please if you want to be pimple free.

And don't forget to drink at least a liter of water if you have mild acne. If you have severe acne, raise your water intake to as much as 2 liters. Remember not to over drink in one setting.  That's not good for your body. Detoxify as well. Green Tea  and water are good detoxifiers.  If you can bear it, then do the apple detox diet. This is how I do it;

  • Eat at least 5 apples in a day for 3 days. You can skip meal if you also want to lose weight or just eat minimal amount of food, no coffee, processed juice nor soda nor liquor.
  • Drink water a lot of it!

For Spot Treatment of your pimples, use tea tree oil. Panoxyl works well for huge pimples, but it tends to give you dark scars, so I don't recommend it.

To reduce redness and swelling, do the ice treatment:

  • Get ice cubes wrap them in a cloth then apply on your pimple. Place it on your pimple for as long as you can bear it. Then wait for a minute or two, then do the same process again. Do this ice treatment at least twice a day depending on the need.

Some don'ts you should remember;

1. Don't touch your face often specially with those unclean hands
2. Don't prick your pimples, no matter how tempting.
3. Don't apply products without doing a skin test.
4. Don't let your shampoo/ conditioner touch your face when in the shower.
5. Don't sleep on your side, that is if you can handle it.
6. Don't stay late at night. This triggers stress, which can trigger acne attacks.
7. Don't eat the foods you think trigger your acne. If you feel certain foods make you breakout more, then you are probably right.
8. Don't smoke and stay away from people who are smoking.
9. Don't drink too much coffee as too much coffee triggers stress which leads to pimples.
10. Don't hate yourself for having pimples. Think positive. Maintain a happy spirit as this radiates on the outside.

I hope I get to help you. Sorry I am in a rush. I have so much to share but I am not as free as I used to be. But I will update more and answer many of the comments in my other articles that I have not answered.

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Have a happy life everyone and God bless!


  1. Thank You Ma'am. That was really helpful.
    I shall see the results myself in a few days or so.
    I hope it works. ♥

  2. Hello. May I ask where do you get your Tea Tree Oil? The one at the body shop is too expensive for me. Thanks.

  3. hi Caldevera. I think I bought mine at Watsons. It's priced at slightly over a hundred pesos. You can also buy one from pharmacies/drug stores. :)

  4. I love it.. thanks a lot ;)

  5. I am using this solution right now. so I wish it will work. :) this is my first day.