Thursday, April 7, 2011

Summer Hair Care Tips

It's summer and for many women, one of the biggest problems during summer is hair damage. The sun is our hair's worst enemy too. Too much heat from the sun during summer is a seasonal enemy of our precious hair, not just for women but also men. The heat causes increased porosity which leads to weak, easily broken hair strands, dryness, hair color fading, dandruff , frizzy hair and split ends. Imagine your hair under heat treatment of over 50 times during summer, when left unprotected.

What can you do to protect your hair this summer? What are some Summer Hair Care tips you should bear in mind? Let me discuss a few.

1. One important REMINDER or make this a RULE: Try to Avoid the Sun as much as possible! But avoiding the sun completely during summer is impossible unless you lock yourself in a dungeon, right? So I say "TRY".

2. Wear protective clothing. Wear hats, caps, bring umbrellas whenever you are out in the sun. Simple to do but some still ignore wearing hats or bringing umbrellas. Males, do bring umbrellas too.. You won't lose your masculine you :)

3. Shampoo and Moisturize/Condition your hair daily.  Use a good shampoo and conditioner. Again this applies to all- both men and women.
4.  Do a weekly hair treatment- extensive moisturization/conditioning - (hot oil) You can do this at home or head over to a good hair salon.
extra tip: Apply mayonaise on your hair. You can apply plain mayonaise or mix some olive oil in it.. Leave it for 20 minutes or so..

5.  Take your vitamins. There are many vitamins that are so good for your hair. We have Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin B-6,  Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Beta Carotene is also good for your hair.

And don't forget to drink lots of water! 

P.S. Sorry for not updating that often. I was on a trip and there was no internet connection. Grrr.. I  hate that when it happens. Being offline felt like I was disconnected from the universe..:)

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Summer Hair Care Tips
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