Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Steps to the Perfect Kiss!

It's almost Valentine's Day! Love is in the air! Early now, every couple must prepare for this big day. Men must prepare roses and/or chocolates/ love letter/card for the women they love and worship. Women need to look their best too and prepare something for their Mr. Romeos. Don't let Mr. Romeo do the giving. Be thoughtful too, Juliets!

Valentines Day is above love and love and love and.. kisses.. Many lips will meet on this grand lovers day! So, let's discuss a few tips on how to make that Perfect Kiss!

Steps to the Perfect Kiss (Almost!)

1. Condition your lips. Take care of your lips prior to the big kissing day. Put lip balms if you must. No one would like to kiss a rough or dry lips.To all women, apply red or pink lipstick. These colors are sexy.

2. Keep your mouth clean.You know what I mean. And yes bring a mouthwash if necessary. Just don't let your partner see you bringing it as this might make him/her think that you are anticipating a kiss.

3.  Eye Contact.When you are about to give a kiss or is anticipating a kiss, always look your partner in the eyes. Doing so creates an intimate connection. It is also indicative of your sincerity,  your true emotions,  your true feelings for your partner.

4. Smile! A sweet sincere smile will further your true feelings. A smile communicates feelings and thoughts, words can't express! 

5. Get Closer.  Move closer to your partner. Don't move too fast as this can ruin the sweet romatnic atmosphere you are trying to create. Move in a comfortable position. Move as you talk, as you look your partner in the eye.

6. Touch.  For men, touch the face of the woman in front of you. Touch it slowly, lightly.

7. Position head. Make sure you are aligned with your partner. You need to consider your height gap. Ensure that when you start the kissing session, you don't miss any kiss. And of course you dont' want two colliding heads!

8.Relax your lips.
Make sure that your lips are relaxed. Your upper and lower lips must not be too distant from each other. Just tightly pressed together ready to kiss.

9. Close your eyes as you kiss.  This makes the kissing experience more passionate. Close your eyes as you feel each other's kiss. Feel that sensation running through your veins.

10.  Remember these:
When you are already kissing:

- Don't open your lips too wide nor too narrow.
- Control your saliva.
- Don't pull away too quickly.
- Enjoy the kiss
- When you pull away, look at each other in the eyes again and flash that sweet smile.
- Hug your partner warmly after the kiss, this will show that you enjoyed kissing him/her.

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