Friday, February 4, 2011

3 Simple Ways To Detox Your Body

Detoxification is very important for our body.  We need to remove the toxins and impurities in our system which affects our inner health and physical beauty. Detox is a basic must do for all women and men of all ages.  There are several ways to detox your system, and here are 3 simple ways to do it.

1. Drink plenty of water! Water cleanses our system like no other.  Impurities and toxins are released from our bodies in the form of urine and sweat. Water also keeps the skin hydrated aside from the other numerous health benefits of drinking water.

2.Digestive Cleansing. This involves fasting and/or just eating select foods. You don't have to necessarily fast especially if you are working. Just choose to eat natural, healthy foods and vegetables as well as fiber rich foods. Skip the processed foods and drinks. Skip soda, alcohol, processed juice, coffee, etc. Do this for at least 3 days to see results. 

Expect some side effects if you opt to fast, like headaches, nausea, and irritability, etc.

3. Detox Bath.  Some people just turn on the shower, apply soap on their bodies, shampoos on their hairs, then rinse! For people on the go, this might be the case always or more often. Once in a while you need to do a detox bath, which involves spending more time in the shower to cleanse your body. You can use body scrubs or the regular sea salt mixed with some body oil and gently massage your body.  The scrubs will remove the excess skin and oil to help your skin breathe. You will feel thoroughly cleansed after this.

These are very easy steps on how to detoxify your body, but mind you, the effects are absolutely amazing!

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3 Simple Ways To Detox Your Body
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