Monday, January 31, 2011

Signs That A Guy is Flirting!

 Before we discuss some of the common signs of flirting exhibited by men, let us first define what flirting means. According to the dictionary, flirting means:

To make playfully romantic or sexual overtures.
To deal playfully, triflingly, or superficially with: flirt with danger.
To move abruptly or jerkily.
How do men flirt?  Men often flirt by showing their masculinity. They tend to put emphasis on exuding their being "masculine, their being "macho", as they think it attracts the female species. So how do men flirt? What are the common signs that a guy is flirting with you? Take the following signs that  a guy, is flirting  with you, although the list does not hold true all the time.

Common Signs That a Guy is Flirting with you:


* Arches his back.
* Sways his pelvis.
* Laughs loudly.
* Tugs his tie.
* Clasps back of his neck.
* Squares his shoulders.
* Puffs his chest.
* Stiffens his stance.
* Teases you in a friendly manner, such as by calling you names.
* Winks at you from a distance.
* Always compliments you.
* Smiles suggestively.
* Engages in direct eye contact.
* Casually touches you.

In the modern world with the advent of cellphones and social networking sites, he:

* texts/calls you often
* sends you suggestive messages
* always gets in touch with you on social networking sites by commenting on your every posts, every photo, every video (take this sign with extra caution as this is not conclusive, but you will know if a guy is flirting with you.)

Trust your intuition. Trust that woman instinct of yours which will give you that feel that a guy is flirting with you. A woman will always feel it. But remember to never jump into conclusions when it comes to matters like this. If you feel like a guy might like you, don't spread the word publicly. Keep it to yourself. Wait till he proposes or tells you upfront.  Otherwise you might end up embarrassed of your premature judgment and arrogance! :)

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