Monday, June 21, 2010

Now am Pimple Free!

At last, there's freedom!

I am now pimple free! I don't have new pimples, nor new little zits to worry about. I've battled for major breakouts the past months. It took me a lot of experimentation with different synthetic and natural products. 

Some products didn't work for me. I wasted money on these products. But it's all part of the road to being acne free.

By the way, don't mistake this pretty lady at the left side of this post as me. She's just too pretty to be me.. lol..

Anyhoo, you should check out my earlier articles for the cosmetic products I used to fight acne as well as the natural home remedies I used. I'm yet to sure other DIY beauty regimen. But my hands are occupied with SEO- search engine optimization. Hopefully, I could give you more tips very soon.

To sum it all up, I used products in the market to help me clear up my skin from pimples and blemishes. I combined it with natural products which are readily available in anyone's kitchen. Then of course, the most important part- healthy lifestyle. What you eat, what you do with your body reveal itself in your physical state and physical appearance. There is one simple rule - eat and live healthy.  I will be more detailed on this one in my upcoming articles.

Gotta go!

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Now am Pimple Free!
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June 22, 2010 at 9:21 AM delete

Congrats! Looking forward to your tips.