Thursday, June 17, 2010

Watch Eclipse Free

Watch Eclipse free?
Watch Eclipse streaming?

My friend sent me a message this morning, asking me if I know of any site where she could watch Twilight Saga's Eclipse free. I can't believe she is in to the Twilight Series too. She knows I am such a net junkie, so she was hoping I could give her a positive answer. My response just disappointed her. I highly doubt the possibility of watching Eclipse free online. Even if it were possible, we won't be seeing the Eclipse full movie prior to the actual release and immediately afterwards. It should take a couple of months before The Eclipse movie will be available online for streaming and downloading. This should be illegal then I suppose. But on one hand, I can't cite an incidence where a person is placed behind bars for uploading videos/movies illegally in major hosting sites like rapidshare, megavideo, megaupload, torrent sites, etc. So there is not much to deter people from doing these things.

Perhaps, some can watch Eclipse free online without spending a dime. But as for me, I think I will have to wait for Eclipse to be shown in theaters.

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Watch Eclipse Free
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