Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Drink Your Way To Clearer Skin!

Get clearer and better looking skin with these drinks.  I'm sharing my beauty tips again.

1. Water- Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.  .Drink more when it's hot or when you think you've eaten too much sweets or fats. Water will help you detoxify to get rid of accumulate toxins which if not fully excreted from your body will show up in the form of blemishes and acne on your skin.. 
Water also keeps your skin from drying. Water keeps our skin moisturized. Dehydration speeds up the ageing process due to water loss in the skin.

Now, here's a very vital information not everyone may be aware of. Water is very important for our eyes.  Our cornea is made up of 80% water. When we close our eyes or just blink for a few seconds, the eyes lose liquid from the tear glands to lubricate our cornea. We need to drink enough water to support this bodily process.

2. Milk - Drink at least 1 glass of Milk daily. The Vitamin A in milk is very good for the eyes and skin.   Milk also contains hydrating properties which help make your skin moisturized and glowing.  Milk also helps in preventing osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases.

3.Green Tea-  It is rich in catechin polyphenols-  epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) a powerful anti-oxidant which helps prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol levels plus many other benefits. I started drinking green tea, even though I dislike the taste because I acknowledge the good it can do to my body.

4. Coffee- It is rich in anti-oxidants. Drinking just one cup a day can help fight free radicals that ruin your cells. Nowadays, there are beauty products that contain coffee as an ingredient primarily because of the anti-oxidants in coffee and it's tightening properties.If I am not mistaken, Avon and Neutrogena have products containing coffee.Please take note that there are people who are allergic to coffee or green tea. So please make sure you have no allergies to these two drinks.

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Drink Your Way To Clearer Skin!
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