Sunday, November 18, 2012

How To Get Unlimited Referrals on any PTC Sites?

Are you a PTC site member? When I first started making money online, I ventured into PTC sites initially. Click and make money! That's basically the concept in Paid to Click Sites or PTC Sites. Nowadays, you are not only paid for clicking, but you are also paid for participating in surveys, competing offers and even for playing games.  The sad part with PTC programs is you are paid cents per click. You click an advertisement, open it for 15 to 30 seconds and get paid $.001 cent for it.  It will take days of daily clicking until you reach your payout, which typically range from $1 to $10.  But despite this, thousands of wanting to make money online surfers join PTC programs on a daily basis. You might wonder why! Even if one commits himself to slavery in clicking too many ads daily, the earnings just won't compensate for the effort and the time spent! Exactly! I agree with you on this point!

But, not everyone is earning cents with PTC sites. Not everyone is making pennies. There are many out there who are making hundreds to thousands of dollars every month from these PTC sites!

 And I will tell you the secret to this!



If you are to join or is already a member of a PTC site and you have no intentions of expanding your downline or referrals, then you will just gonna be earnings cents forever.. Referrals, ACTIVE REFERRALS is the key to making more money with PTC sites. This is where many PTC members fail. They join PTC sites, actively click on the advertisements but has no effort to promote their referral link. Result: cents!

Try to do this. Instead of actively clicking the ads, actively look for new referrals daily. Trust me when I say, you make more money not by clicking the ads but by finding new referrals. But how can I find new referrals, you might ask.If you are a lazy person or if you have some money to spare, then get the:

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This is one of the cheapest yet most valuable PTC guide out there. It can help you get active referrals daily. Be sure to follow the guide! The methods are all in the guide. If you follow it by heart, you will make 20 referrals to 50 referrals daily.  I got 18 referrals the first day I implemented few of the methods in the guide. Of course I added my own twist to it. So good luck to you!

(I did not include my referral link in this article because I already have so many referrals on a daily basis, and I don't want you to think, I'm just making this post to increase my downline :))

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How To Get Unlimited Referrals on any PTC Sites?
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November 18, 2012 at 6:20 PM delete

thank you for sharing the link. I will definitely try it.

November 19, 2012 at 4:27 PM delete

best investment ever..hahahha! i got my first 3 referrals in just a few hours! amazing!