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Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Ageing Serum Review

I'm always on the search of the right product that will work on my oily, acne prone skin.  Sometimes, there are good products that I think really worked on my skin but only on a temporary basis. I believe I have a skin type that easily gets immuned to whatever I put on it. As a result, i rarely get to use same products for a long time. So it is safe to say I am always discovering what really works for me in the long term.

Anyway, here's my quick review of Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti-Ageing Serum. I should have made this review the past month, but was too busy then.

 Olay Total Effects 7in1 Anti Ageing Serum

For the price, it's really expensive at about P698 (pesos).  But if you consider what it promises, the 7 effects on your skin, the price is just right, i guess.  Plus it's a serum, so you don't need that much to apply on your face.  The bottle could probably last you over a month to two months the most, if you just apply it on your face. But if you include your neck, you'd consume the whole bottle in a month's time or less.

How to Apply? Apply the serum every night before bedtime on a clean and toned face. Since it is a serum, you apply it first, then after 3 minutes or so, you can apply your other beauty products (layering). You can also apply it in the morning but I prefer applying it at night.

Effects? After application, you should feel your skin very soft, as if it's moisturized instantly. I love to feel the softness of my skin. But I feel it's a bit greasy. I don't know. Others don't think it's greasy though.  I feel the other way around. That's why I just put it on during night time because it feels greasy a bit and it makes my face shine. But i love the smell of this serum.

1 long month effect?  My skin felt pretty moisturized after a month. I don't wrinkles on the face yet and if there are some, I barely notice them. Oh well I guess the serum did help in preventing wrinkles on my face.  As for breakouts, I did breakout during the month I used the serum, but I am not sure if it's the Olay Total Effects Anti-Ageing serum that caused it. Nonetheless, the breakout was very minimal, just a couple of tiny dots on the forehead.

Will I buy it again? Yes I will, but not as a priority. As what I mentioned, i don't have problems with wrinkles. But this by far is the best SERUM i've used.

That wraps up my Olay Total Effects 7in1 Anti Ageing Serum Review. If you have questions regarding this product, feel free to comment. I'd love to hear from my readers. :)

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Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Ageing Serum Review
4/ 5

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April 2, 2014 at 1:51 AM delete

Thanks for the honest review, I’m searching for a product that will lessen my acne, a friend of mine suggested this but I guess it’s for wrinkles then. Thanks again.
~Pauline @Kallony