Monday, May 28, 2012

5 Money and Time Saver Beauty Tips

Oftentimes our busy schedules hinder us from taking care of our precious self. So we tend to forget to do the things that we should be doing to keep ourselves looking beautiful. But this shouldn't be the case always. You can keep up with the demands of taking care of yourself with few money and time saver beauty tips.

1. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize. You don't need to indulge in derm or skin clinics all the time. Just stick with the basic cleaning process and you should be fine.

2. Condition your hair. Too busy to go to a salon to get your hair treated. Then keep conditioning. Doing so helps your hair combat the damaging effects of the environment and the harsh chemicals you put your hair.

3. Keep your nails clean. You don't need those fancy colorful nail polish and designs. You just need to keep your nails clean all the time.

4. Skin the foundation and stick to concealers. You don't always need foundation. You can skip this routine and rather apply concealer on your blemishes. Concealers work perfect to hide those occasional acne you get. And don't forget to just dab it on and not rub the concealer.

5. Always wear sunscreen. This is the best tip by far I can share. Never skip wearing your sunscreen, whether it's sunny or not outside. Just wear one.

That's it for now. Just simple tips that you can do without spending too much time and money. Stay beautiful.

Yay, am back!

-The Confessant


  1. i like your blog!! i always do that..I dont go to salon or derma, i just do it by myself..

  2. Your beauty tips are convincing I agree with that you can check mine sometime its related to beautification.

  3. thanks david.

    @fashionista, sure i will..:)

  4. all tips are good. Include healthy food and drink 8 glass of water per day.