Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tickle Thy Thoughts Gets Sitelinks!

Tickle Thy Thoughts gets Sitelinks!

 To check the sitelinks:

1. Go to or
2. Type the title of your blog say "Tickle Thy Thoughts" or the url ""
3. Your blog should appear and if its got those links as shown in the picture above, then your blog has sitelinks.Congratulations!

I don't exactly know when Google awarded sitelinks to Tickle Thy Thoughts. It could be just recently or it could a few months ago. I lost track! One thing is important, Google sees this blog as "authoritative". Weeeeh! Thanks big G! And thanks to all readers of this blog.  (I hope the sudden template change won't cause any problem to this blog's sitelinks)

What are sitelinks? This is what Wikipedia says:


"Sitelinks are hyperlinks to website subpages that appear under certain Google listings in order to help users navigate the site. The site owner cannot add any sitelinks; Google adds them through its own secret automated algorithms. The site owner can, however, block individual sitelinks, which may be useful if he deems them unhelpful.[1] There are a minimum of three and a maximum of eight sitelinks per site. According to John I Jerkovic, "Every site should strive to get sitelinks, as they imply authority as well as web presence. Sitelinks also occupy additional search results screen real estate, the space that pushes your competitors further down the results page — something to be desired."[2] Sitelinks are also said to appear "on some search results where Google thinks one result is far more relevant than other results (like navigational or brand related searches)".[3]

Search engine optimization experts consider sitelinks to be an important measure of how "trusted" a site is, and accordingly have attempted to deduce what causes them to appear.[4] These efforts have included looking at Google patents.[5][6] According to these patents, sitelinks are derived from user behavior, in particular, the number of times a page has been accessed, the amount of time spent on the page, and from the content of the page itself—whether the page contains commercial transactions, etc.[7] In an alternative embodiment, it is suggested that web-site providers might provide the search engine system with a list of favoured web-pages within their own web-site.[8]xxx "

So how did this blog get its sitelinks? What did I do to get these sitelinks? I really can't tell. I did nothing. I simply write during my free time, share my thoughts, share my reviews of products I use. I guess, no one really knows how to get these sitelinks. The algorithm is not exposed. 

Here are my guesses though on how to get sitelinks:

1. It depends on the number of backlinks your blog gets.
2. Template structure might also contribute.
3. Page Rank and Age of the blog might also be factors.
4. The uniqueness of the articles might also weigh.

Anyway, i'm just really happy to get these sitelinks for my blog. How about your blogs? Do they have sitelinks too? Can you share any ideas on how your blog got those sitelinks?

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Tickle Thy Thoughts Gets Sitelinks!
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congrats The Confessant!

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magandang balita yan! galing!