Thursday, March 3, 2011

Drink Green Tea for Clearer More Beautiful Skin!

Green Tea is not a favorite drink of mine. I prefer coffee or chocolate drinks than tea- green, yellow, whatever! But then, I'm starting to love Green Tea now. The reason why I drink this beverage is because of the health benefits it gives and the wonders it does for our skin. If you don't believe me, "Google" is a friend. Try asking it about Green Tea Benefits and you'll see what am talking about. (But yes you don't have to do the searching, for I 've done it for you)

So what are the Benefits of Green Tea? I will enumerate a few.

1.  It contains Catechins, a powerful anti-oxidant that fights free radicals.
2. It contains a compound called theanine which stimulates alpha brain waves, relaxes the body, removes stress and promotes relaxed awareness.
3. It helps you lose weight.
4. It prevents certain diseases like cancer and heart disease.
5. It helps improve the condition of your heart. Green tea inhibits atherosclerosis which is the hardening and thickening of arteries. It also reduces high blood pressure.
6. It helps in the prevention and treatment of Diabetes. Green Tea has the compound EGCG and theaflavins which regulate blood sugar levels by
  • Increasing insulin activities
  • Promoting glucose metabolism
  • Blocking glucose absorption
 7. It treats inflammation, which is very useful for those who are suffering from acne and other skin condition.
8.  It boosts the immune system through the antigens it contains.
9. It helps prevent tooth decay and even bad breath.
10. It helps preserve bone density and reduces osteoporosis risk.

But wait, there's more. Many people use green tea to treat their skin problems like acne, blemishes, even dark spots. The anti-oxidants in green tea plus it's anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal treatment for pimples. Green Tea also tones and moisturizes the skin. I bet you've heard about famous people using green tea on their skin, in addition to drinking green tea. 

Green Tea really does wonder to your skin. I've been drinking Green Tea on a daily basis for over a month now. This is actually one of my secrets in combating pimples and other skin problems. I also apply it on my face. I'll share the step by step guide on how to make a Green Tea Toner, and facial mask soon.. Till next time..:)

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  1. What's the difference of green tea and yellow tea? Do they have the same or different effects?