Friday, January 21, 2011

Super Bowl XLV Live Stream?

A terrible headache prevented me from blogging yesterday. It must have been the product of my tiring, super exhausting travel.  I've been wanting to blog about Super Bowl XLV live stream, now that it is about to take place.  Tickle Thy Thoughts is against piracy and copyright infringement, so this post will surely not promote illegal stuff related to Super Bowl XLV live streaming, although I might touch on these indirectly. What I will try to do here is to discuss the possibilities available to watch Super Bowl 45 live streaming free and not free.

Online, you must have noticed many websites and blogs coming out in the results for "Super Bowl XLV live streaming" and "Super Bowl 45 live stream" and "watch Super Bowl XLV online".  Most of these sites are merely discussing about Super Bowl 45/ Super Bowl 2011. Most do not offer live video streaming, but you can find sites/blogs suggesting they will stream Super Bowl XLV on their site. Believe me or not,  there is no live streaming free for Super Bowl 2011, unless FOX Sports offers to broadcast Super Bowl 2011 live streaming free on tv. Although there is no official word to confirm this on Fox's end.

There are only two confirmed ways to watch Super Bowl 45:
1. Via Pay Per View
2. Watch it live and personally.

Unconfirmed, not necessarily legal ways to watch Super Bowl XLV:
1. Via streaming websites- JustinTv, SopCast, UsTream
2. Via websites and blogs
3. YahooSports

Confirmed way to watch and listen to videos/snippets of Super Bowl 2011:
1. Via Fox Sports
2. Via radio broadcasts

However, if Fox Sports decides to broadcast Super Bowl XLV streaming free on their official website, we might just be able to watch Super Bowl 2011 full coverage absolutely free. We shall wait for any updates on this one.

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Super Bowl XLV Live Stream?
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