Thursday, January 27, 2011

9 Romantic Date Ideas for Valentines Day

Here are some romantic date ideas for valentines day and for any day of the year. These romantic date ideas are not only fun but cheap as well, just in case Mr. Lover is tight on the budget.

1. Watch Movies together at home, at local theatre and even at school. Watching movies together is an expensive yet very effective way to be with your partner. You can hold hands and cuddle as you watch, preferably romantic movies or comedy films.

2. Drink coffee/milk early morning after an engaging jogging or workout.  Coffee/milk is inexpensive. You can try this dating idea once in a while and avoid the expensive dinners at restaurants. Just choose a good location, preferably one where you have a good view of the scenery around you.

3. Eat Ice Cream or Desert together. Ice cream has always been a favorite of many. Why not invite your partner for an ice cream treat. Don't forget to give her roses, so she won't forget that day was special.

4. Play Games together. Inexpensive but very effective. You can choose indoor or outdoor games. Play scrabble together and the loser gets to strip as a consequence. Or play frisbee together under the sun.Give  a sexy consequence to the loser.

5. Go shopping! Be it window shopping. Spend the day together at the mall.  Feed your eyes with fancy/funny/weird things you can find at the mall, just for fun's sake. Don't forget to take photos.

6. Go hiking/biking together. Invite your partner for a morning or afternoon hiking/biking. You'll be surprised at the many things you can discuss as you have fun.

7. Go star gazing. This is very romantic.

8. Travel together or go joyriding!

9. Beach bums! Go head over to the beach. Hold hands as you walk in the sand. Play with the tides too. This can be very fun.


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