Thursday, January 27, 2011

40 Things Men Hate About Women!

Ouch!   The 40 Things Men hate about the women! 40 is a long list but it can still go longer. lol.. My favorites among the list are numbers 3, 6, 9, 17, 21, 30, 35.  You can also add to the list if you want. The list by the way is one I got from unknown source. I have the printed copy and decided to blog about it because I feel most of these are true.

40 Things Men Hate About Women:

1. Leaving the toilet seat down
2. Phoning or texting you every 10 minutes
3. Never being ready on time when going out
4. Spending too much time in the bathroom
5. Being a bad cook
6. On the phone to girl friends for hours after just having spent the day with them.
7. Not letting you spend time with their mates
8. Only wanting to watch Soaps and Reality shows on TV
9. On a permanent diet and yet they’re still fat
10. Orange faces and white necks
11. Moaning when you look innocently at other women when you are out together. You looked at a tree too but she didn’t complain about that!
12. Keeping tabs on how much you have had to drink when you are out together.
13. Nagging about you not helping around the house.
14. Complaining that you didn’t do a good enough job when you tried to help out around the house
15. Always making you take out the rubbish and do all the dirty jobs.
16. Leaving female items on your bedside cabinet.
17. Having a headache when you indicate you want to have sex.
18. She never appreciates the gifts you get her. It’s always the wrong size.
19. Telling you what to buy her rather than letting you make it a surprise.
20. Taking your hard earned cash and spending it on make-up
21. Moaning about how fast you drive.
22. Asking when you are coming home just so they can know how long before they can nag you in person.
23. Expecting you to notice every change she makes to herself even though it was a while since you saw her naked and that’s really the only look you’re interested in.
24. She is starting to look more and more like her mum.
25. Wearing multiple layers to bed.
26. PMT.
27. She spends her day off lounging around the house in an old tea-stained dressing gown.
28. She reads her mates  texts while you’re having s*x.
29. Snooping through your wallet, phone and Facebook account. They don’t stop till they find something incriminating,,,however minor.
30. Spending too much time on Facebook.
31. Turning on the tears when they’re in the wrong to get you to forgive them.
32. Badmouthing you to all their mates when you have a row.
33. Wanting to cuddle after s*x.
34. Wanting you to let her squeeze your blackheads.
35. Saying she’ll be ready in 5 mins and then being ready in 50.
36. Expecting you to pay when you go out.
37. Choosing your clothes and telling you what to wear.
38. Tidying your private things (pics of old girlfriends) into the bin without telling you.
39. Lipsticks marks on your mug.
40. Trying to get you to wear her undies when having s*x. (lol)
41. Not letting you wear her undies when having s*x.

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40 Things Men Hate About Women!
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