Sunday, January 30, 2011

6 Ways to Get Your Ex Back

How to get your ex back? This sounds a tough question for everyone dealing with a broken relationship. Sometimes, relationships that have ended meant to end for good, while some relationships need a second chance or so and must be fought for to survive. Every relationship requires effort. But let us get to the meat of the 6 ways to get your ex back.

1. Wait and Relax. After a break up, don't rush into things. Give your ex a time to ponder things.  Give him some space. Give your ex a time to realize life "without you". And give yourself a time to cry if you must and think over things that transpired too.

2.  Control your emotions.  Don't call your ex and cry as if you are on the verge of committing suicide due to break up. This is emotional manipulation. Your ex may think you can't handle your emotions well and that you are manipulating him. This will fend him away.  Worst thing you want is a reconciliation with your ex because of manipulation.

3. Admit your mistakes and be a better you. It takes two to tango. Your ex may have faults of his own and so do you. Admit your mistakes that contributed to the break up and be a better you. Show to your ex that you are better now.  How? Your ex and you have common friends that can spread the word of how much your changed .

4. Show that you are always there for your ex. This is significant, as this shows you still care for him as a lover and as a friend. You and your ex have invested emotionally. More often , he will likely ask for your support in the form of advice or opinion on certain matters.

5. Look your best.  Not everything about you is likable to your ex. Let's admit that. Not all your physical attributes or how you dress or how you put your make up on is desirable for your ex. Now focus on these things. Learn to stay beautiful according to his standards. You are doing this to attract him. This is superficial of course. But you see the point, it will help you catch his attention plus it  will boost your confidence and self esteem. Now proceed to step 6.

6. Meet your ex on a friendly date. Don't appear emotionally disturbed as this will push your ex away. Remember ways 1 to 5. Don't be demanding! Don't make any verbal attempt at getting back on him yet. Remember to leave a fresh, better impression on your ex.

Your ex may or may not call you the soonest. But be patient. He will call you eventually if he still loves you. Instead of you making the obvious outward effort of getting back with him, he might just do that himself. However, take note that there is still a chance that he will not call you back and get back to you. But be strong. You can't always have all you desire in life. Look at life at a different perspective. Be positive and move on if you must!


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