Sunday, July 4, 2010

Watch Salt 2010 Movie Trailer Online

My favorite Angelina Jolie is back in Salt 2010! Salt will be available in theaters on July 23, 2010. For UK residents Salt will premiere next month - August 20. Salt is basically about a CIA Evelyn Salt who’s life suddenly changed when a defector revealed to her agency that she is actually a Russian spy. This is where she’s started to be chased by the organization to whom she has sworn oath to duty, honor and country. I think this movie is a great one so I won't miss watching it in theaters.

I heard that Tom Cruise was supposed to be included in the movie. But I don't know what happened. He's not part of the movie.  Anyway, below is Salt video trailer. I insist you watch the trailer. 

Speaking of how to watch Salt online for free, I've seen a website that has a free streaming of Eclipse. It's a popular site so somehow I think you've stumbled on that page. I don't know if Salt streaming will be available there as well. But I won't be sharing links, sorry..

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Watch Salt 2010 Movie Trailer Online
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