Sunday, July 4, 2010

Takeru Kobayashi Arrested! (VIDEO)

Takeru Kobayashi has been arrested. According to reports at

Side-lined competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi went berserk Sunday and was arrested storming the stage after a contract dispute kept him from competing in the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating competition.
Cops slapped the cuffs on the diminutive former champ after he watched from the crowd as archrival Joey (Jaws) Chestnut took home the mustard yellow belt.
Wearing a "Free Kobi" T-shirt, Kobayashi tried to force his way onto the stage during the awards ceremony, climbing over the Coney Island crowd and struggling with cops who tried to stop him.
"He tried to jump on stage during the awards ceremony to disrupt it," said contest organizer Richard Shea. "It's unprofessional and unsavory and, frankly, rather frustrating."
Kobayashi, 32, was taken to the 60th Precinct where charges were pending.

Watch Takeru Kobayashi Arrest Video

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Takeru Kobayashi Arrested! (VIDEO)
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