Saturday, July 3, 2010

Katie Piper before and after Photos

This is so not good. I feel so sorry for Katie Piper.  FYI, Katie Piper is a model, a beautiful 26 year old model, an aspiring TV presenter, and has appeared on 20/20,  whose life changed completely after a sulfuric acid attack ruined her beautiful face.

Katie Piper was in the London street back in March 2008, when a stranger threw something at her face. It was sulfuric acid.

”The pain was so bad I thought this guy’s thrown a match at me… I thought I must be a big orange fireball because it’s so painful”, “I remember bits of my face were coming off and bits were coming away, and my clothes were all evaporating and I was panicking. I was banging on the windows of the shops and people were scared.”

According to reports the person allegedly responsible for the attack was her boyfrieind Danny Lynch 33, years old, who she started dating two weeks earlier prior to the attack. Her boyfriend hired another person in the name of Stefan Sylvestre to throw the acid at her face.  Accordingly, Katie was physically beaten and was even raped by her boyfriend too. Katie had to undergo almost 30 surgeries, skin graft and other reconstructive procedures.

Katie Piper is a brave woman. I wish that justice be served and that Katie will get all the help she could get.

Katie Piper Before and After Photos
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Katie Piper before and after Photos
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