Saturday, May 22, 2010

Watch Eclipse Online| Eclipse Streaming| Eclipse Download

Due to my curiosity just a few hours ago, I almost ruined my laptop. I visited a seemingly not suspicious site after I searched for "Watch Eclipse Online, Watch Eclipse Streaming, Eclipse Download". No I did not participate in surveys nor click on the download button for Twilight Saga Eclipse video. I was simply visiting again prompted by my curious spirit. Then poof!!!.. . the unexpected happened, the screen freezed and I got this warning from my anti virus program. I immediately pulled out the wire for my internet connection. I had my computer scanned for viruses, and malwares and trojans. Gladly, there was none. But it was close.

Anyway, if you are searching for the Twilight Saga Eclipse videos, full streaming, downloads, (megavideo, rapidshare, torrent, megaupload, piratebay) please install some programs to help you detect dangerous sites even before you click on the links to visit them. I will update this post for a list of helpful programs.

Update: These programs help protect you when you do your regular searching online. Best of all these are free and not too heavy on your computer.

1. AVG Link Scanner. Get one here --> (please copy paste on your browser)

2. Mc Afee Site Advisor. Download it here -->

3. WOT Site Advisor. Download WOT here --->

Try them and have a safe surfing experience.

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Watch Eclipse Online| Eclipse Streaming| Eclipse Download
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May 22, 2010 at 10:55 AM delete

there are many dangerous websites and blogs nowadays. web surfers are always at risk. btw,thanks for the programs you've shared. I use WOT! It works for me.