Friday, April 16, 2010

TTT is now a PR 3

I have some good news to share to everyone. Tickle Thy Thoughts is now a PR 3. Yes, that's right. My blog has been given a Page Rank of 3 by Google. Remember I started this blog only this January 2010. It's only been over 3 months and I have reaped the fruits of my labor. Like what I've been telling you guys, I do SEO- Search Engine Optimization, and this includes getting that much coveted high Page Rank. I was hoping for a PR 4 or a PR 5 but since I became inactive lately I wasn't able to really focus on my goal. But PR 3 is a good start. Next aim is a PR 5 or PR 6.

Like any blog, this blog started at PR 0. I did SEO. I exchanged links with fellow bloggers (you can check their blogs on my blogroll). Many bloggers were kind enough to exchange links with me. (thank you guys!) While some were greedy and turned down my request. Too bad for many of them, my blog has better Page Rank than theirs. now. To all those who exchanged links with me, you also benefit from my new PR--- "link juice" (My blog is a do follow). But I do wish you also got good Page Ranks in the recent update.

Till next..

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TTT is now a PR 3
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