Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Azkals Sex Scandal: Exposed

After Azkal's triumph in the game against Sri Lanka, the Philippine Football Team now faces a very sensitive issue concerning an alleged s*x video scandal involving few members of the team. The Azkals scandal was accordingly brought to the public's attention last month by a publicist, as reported by getitfromboy dot com.

 It was said that the said woman involved is a fan of the Azkals who was picked up by the athletes in a bar, the woman is said to be only interested with one player but when they reached their pad, she was allegedly molested by the other two. There are now even talk that she filed charges for rape or acts of lasciviousness. Michelle Madrigal got wind of this story and she denied she was the woman involved and then she went on to name the alleged Azkals players in the alleged incident, namely: Neil Etheridge, Simon Greatwich, Jason Sabio and Anton Del Rosario. Michelle Madrigal named them but denied she is the woman involved in her Twitter account last 4th of July.  

In her tweet, Michelle Madrigal said:

 “People should stop assuming..I’m friends with neil,simon n anton.wala naman kayong alam kaya sana wag kayo gumawa ng kwento.don’t hate coz I’m cool w them!to all the fans I’m NOT dating neil etheridge.I don’t normally care about what people say but your words are hurting me deeply.thank u n godbless!”

Further reports of this Azkals Sex video now leads us to an allege crime of RAPE involving four Azkals team members namely: Anton del Rosario, Jason Sabio, Simon Greatwich, and Neil Etheridge (as reported on tv).

The information, not confirmed, says that the four players took home a bar girl for foursome. One of the players allegedly recorded their private intimacies.

Photos and other evidence of the so called rape incident are found online.

Accordingly, some Paul Weiler's account on Facebook is the basis of all these accusations of Rape against the Azkal team. Paul Weiler is believed to be a PFF Foreigner Consultant. Although further information about him seems vague. 

Anyway, some unknown person emailed to themindslut.blogspot.com the allege screenshots of a conversation that transpired between Paul Weiler and another Azkal member (alleged to be Neil Etheridge)

The four members have denied the rumors.  While the identity of this Paul Weiler remains a question. Could this be all a hoax?

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Azkals Sex Scandal: Exposed
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March 8, 2012 at 1:13 PM delete

This is pretty crazy. I can't believe that stuff like this is actually happening. It is sad what so much fame can do to a person.