7 Day's Brazilian Coffee: Negative Effects

My review of Brazilian Coffee | 7 Day's Brazilian Slimming Coffee received a lot of views and comments from various users and curious individuals. The opinions, and experiences shared by many users have all been diverse. Hence, if you want to lose weight and you want to try this coffee- Brazilian Coffee, decide carefully. Be informed! Read! Research! Be Responsible! You are talking about your very own "HEALTH" here. Personally,  I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COFFEE!

What do we know about Brazilian Coffee?
Little! We know little about this slimming coffee that promises fast weight loss.  

1. INGREDIENTS: Per description:

Coffee and tea powder, garnicia cambogia, (HCA), fruit and vegetable fiber mineral and multi vitamin.
12 bags OR sachets
7 days slimming coffee is a fast acting fat burning beverage effective for weight loss without side effect and dependency. It is one of the best seller brand with high reputation from its consumers.

Garnicia Cambogia defined according to wiseGeek.com

Garcinia cambogia is a small fruit that resembles a miniature pumpkin. It is indigenous to India and parts of Asia, and an extract from its fruit and rind is popular in many natural weight loss products. The extract is hydroxycitric acid (HCA), claimed to suppress appetite and enhance fat-burning. Animal research supports these claims, but subsequent human trials have been equivocal.

The theory behind garcinia cambogia is that HCA inhibits an enzyme called citrate lyase that helps turns excess carbohydrates into fat. By inhibiting this enzyme, it is believed the body instead boosts carbohydrate oxidation, or simply put, burns the extra carbs. In extensive animal studies, garcinia cambogia was found to reduce food intake by suppressing appetite, as well as to decrease body fat. Human trials have been less clear. While some double-blind studies using garcinia cambogia and a placebo showed the HCA group as doubling or tripling weight loss over a 12-week period as compared to the control group, other studies showed a less promising result. (emphasis added-large red font)

Potential Sideeffects of Garcinia Cambogia according to streetdirectory.com

There are no known side effects for using this herb, however, it is not recommended for diabetics or people suffering any dementia syndrome, including Alzheimer’s; and in pregnant and lactating women. Garcinia cambogia does have contraindications with certain medications, and it is important to discuss this with your health care professional.

2. Brazilian Slimming Coffee IS NOT BFAD APPROVED!
This Coffee is not BFAD Approved.  So what's the risk? 
  • This slimming product has not been tested, analyzed or checked if it conforms to the standards set forth by BFAD.
  • Whether the product is safe to use or not is a HUGE UNANSWERED QUESTION. 

3.  Negative Effects| Negative Feedbacks from Users
Brazilian Coffee has received many positive feedbacks and negative feedbacks as well from many users. I will include few feedbacks, comments below for everybody's information. It pays to read and be informed.  I also encourage all other users of this coffee to share their experiences by commenting in this blog post.

Most common sideeffects as shared by users:
1. Headache
2. Dizziness
3. Palpitations (*very dangerous)
4. Shortness of Breath (*very dangerous)
5. Constant feeling of Thirst
7. Irregular heart beats (*very dangerous)
8. Urinary Tract Infection
9. Back Pains
10. Fatigue
11. Cold hands and feet
12. Excessive Sweating
13. Chest Pains (*very dangerous)
14. Disturbed Sleeping patters- insomnia
15.Irregular Menstruation
16. Very little menstrual flow/ dark menstrual flow
17. Disrupted concentration

Negative Feedbacks from Users of Brazilian Coffee

i've tried this coffee. at first, i like the effect of this coffee to my body. coz i sweat like i've been playing basketball for an hour. and i'm always thirsty too. it loses my appetite too.but on my 8th day of drinking this coffee.i've experienced palpitations and hardness on breathing. even my heart beat rate booms up! my mom told me to stop drinking this coffee for awhile so that we can observe if it's the coffee that cause me palpitations. i stopped drinking for 2 days, then my heart beat became normal again. and i can breathe freely. i guess this coffee had some content that makes me hard to breathe whenever i drink this.. at this moment, i still drink this coffee because i have constipation and it makes me poop everyday. but i make sure that i will drink this every other day because everytime i drink this, i'm finding hard time to breathe:(


i was fascinated by the effect of this coffee since my aunt is using it for almost three weeks and she really loose weight. Because of the fast result i tried it. At first i feel thirsty and my appetite lessen. But same with grazie it causes me palpitations.. I think their is something in the coffee that makes my heart beats so fast. I just try it once and im afraid to try a second sachet..


hi im also taking this slimming coffee im actually 83 kg before and after i took 3 boxes i became 75 kg its really effective but somehow upon reading ur comments guys i also felt the palpitations and heart burn as well thought just got those symptoms bec i just started working but then again im now thinking that i got those by taking the coffee...

btw Confessant tnx for starting this thread at least we're now aware abt the good and somehow bad effects of the prod.. :)

hi . I am 17 y.o and i am drinking brazilian coffee every morning. I make it as my habit and a routine. But I stopped drinking after 3 weeks because of certain effects. First, I began crash dieting. Drinking this coffee suppress my appetite and eats only crackers for lunch, milk and banana for brkfast. If I forcely intake food, I usually puke them out. My sleeping pattern was only 2 hours. My friend's dad was a media in a certain company, he gone to BFAD ( bureau of food and drugs) and asked about the Brazilian Coffee.

This is the BFAD's STATEMENT :

Brazilian Coffee was banned in Brazil for its bad effects like having kidney defects and distributed their stocks to the other countries particularly in the Philippines.

It is a wide spread and it is commonly being brought at the chinese drugstores. Brazilian coffee is not BFAD approved.

-- hearing upon statement, I began worrying about my health and how would I get back to my usual lifestyle. Even though I stopped drinking this coffee, still I can experience, shortness of breath, Shaking, coffee addiction, headache, muscle pain, suppression of appetite, insomnia and the like.


I am using 7 days Brazilian coffee almost 1 month and i can say that this is very effective, from 142 pounds to 129 pounds...I lost my appetite and always thirsty ..I drink to much of water every day..One of the side effects is it keep me constipated but i tried drinking BIO-FIT and it help rid constipation.


i felt shaking and i am constiating. is it a bad thing?... today is my 7th day of using the coffee....


looking back @Remy's post, links about the Coffee,

I did some research on my own too. Brazilian Coffee has an ingredient called (HCA)Heterocylic amine which maximizes carcinogens into our body. Carcinogens are converted to a human enzymes to epoxides which attacks the DNA permanently.


Im on my 6th day of using the coffee,and true enough, i've lost some weight, but for the past few days, i've been feeling really sick, i also had chest pains, difficulty in breathing and my sleep patterns have been disrupted..i decided to check out other feedbacks about this product and after reading the other threads,my suspicions were confirmed. i have decided to stop using the product..ive made some research and i've found out that it really causes some bad effects on the heart.. hope this helps, here's the article : http://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/ntp/htdocs/Chem_Background/ExSumPdf/GarciniaCambogiaExt.pdf


in my 1st day of drink that was my 5 days of my menstruation. now is my 9 days of drinking my menstruation is still ..is that normal? please response assp.


I've been using Brazilian coffee for quite sometime now. i am on my 5th box already. i weigh 60 kilos and now i am 56 kilos not much but i am very happy about it. it just so happen that lately I have been feeling sick. i had headache and palpitations and it scares me. so i decided to search on the net about the testimonies of others and i was right. it is the side effects of the coffee. now, i have the dilemma of stopping the coffee and save my health or continue a little while til i will reach my ideal weight which is 52kilos.


Ive been taking this coffee for awhile now i think im on my second box ive lost a stone but like everyone else have experienced side effects like thirst feeling sick and just recently ive had really bad lower back pain and painful hips this Could be completely unrelated but ive never experienced this before and comments from you guys is making me concerned it may be linked to this?!


I experienced palpitations and tightening feeling in my chest. :|

I'm mot gonna continue using this coffee.

I agree with the natural way of dieting.

Prevention is better than cure.


I've just tried the first sachet. But after a few hours, i've had palpitations and shortness of breath. Now, I'm afraid of using the product. It is best to start lose weight the safe and healthy way. Just make an effort, and you'll see.


hey guys, did the coffee affect your period? my friend and i have been drinking the coffee for three weeks now, and i'm happy with the results. i got really slim, and achieved my "dream" vital stat. My waist line is down to 25 inches, and my weight is 52 kg. still normal for my height. my friend also lost weight. we've also experienced the side effect, like perspiring too much and being too thirsty, and sometimes, my heartbeats alot faster than it should be. my friend also experienced the same thing. at first i attributed it to the fact that coffee speeds up your metabolism, which mean your heart will beat faster. i didn't experience difficulties in breathing though, maybe not that extreme for me to notice. i also got no problems about my sleeping patterns, i still fall asleep whenever i want to, but my friend says sometimes she can't sleep.

the coffee is really effective but i'm starting to worry that i'd get too skinny, however, i'm afraid that if i stop, i'd gain weight again.:(


... And I'm worried because I always had a regular period. It's my first time to experience only too little blood coming out, very little, for almost a week.



Im about to finish my 1st box, on the 7th day i lost 2 kilos,i experience too much thirst but i drink a lot of water so i dont experience constipation, but my sleeping pattern was disturb, i think i can feel something on my chest too.


hi,i stopped drinking that coffee....masakit sa ulo parang binibiyak....yes i lost 5lbs in just 7 days but still im worried about that experience palpitation,headache and lost of appetite.....im not contuining to finish 1 box because im afraid of the side effects later on....ayoko magsisi sa bandang huli...sexy nga ako pero maysakit naman...so i decided to stop....and go to healthy lifestyle


hi, i started drinking 7days brazillian slimming coffee.after 2days of drinking,i started to feel the shortness of breathing and palpitation.and i decided to stop.i tried the orange juice slimming,but still the same side effect with the coffee.so i guess its not really safe.cause the doctor said,it contains ampetamine or shabu that makes suppress your appetite.


im afraid to drink this cofee again after i finishes my second sachet today...i cant breath, dizzy, i cant sleep, i cant work properly, to many side effects. Plus additional statement from the users about it is not approved by the BFAD. :(..I think i rather choose to diet in my own ways,regular excersize .. i dont really like the effect...im shocked that it is banned in Brazil fro the side effects. I hope i can get back my old lifestyle.


hi guys..i tried a sachet...after few minutes or an hour, there's this one weird feeling....the feeling when i also tried LSD or metamphetamine (long ago)...im afraid that this has similar content with the bangkok pills? well..

think of it....only LSD can make u lose weight that fast...no apetite, no sleep, and you keep on moving and sweating...


d po ba talaga yan effective kasi we've been using that with my friends we bought 1 box and ...and after reading the negative side effects, i decided not to drink again.i just used 4 sachets and stop...it was really true to lose weight but also i felt something wrong in my breathing.:)


Im happy to have stumbled upon this thread... Me and my wife have tried up to 3 boxes... and it sure has suppressed our appetite... lost a few pounds and my tight jeans are not tight anymore... but lately me and my wife are having nausea and cold sweat... might as well stop before it gets worse...

I've used Meth before and it feels the same...

Natural way is best...


im on my 7th day of dringking this coffee.

side effects;

palpitation goes up 107 bpm

cold sweat

cant sleep

burning sensation

hardness on breathing

no apetite at all

ingat lang po tau..



finished 3 boxes of this prod, lost 10lbs..i experienced constipation but then thought it was normal..i only stopped taking this prod when i had my menstruation, it wasn't normal at all..my menstrual flow was getting very minimal & the color wasn't red,instead brownish which was very unusual since i always have heavy flows..reading the testimonies made me realize that i made the right decision of terminating my intake of this prod..natural way of diet is still the best..plus the control of oneself over things that we do makes it great..


1. umiinit tenga ko while im drinking this coffee, this does not happen when i drink the regular coffee like nescafe

2. a little dizzyness

3. tightening around the back of my head

4. i get very very sleepy. since i started drinking this coffee, ang haba na ng tulog ko

5. na lessen ang appetite ko


And yesterday a friend told me that i should avoid drinking this slimming coffee because it may affect fertility for women. since her friend was taking in slimming coffee and slimming tea she is now having some difficulties getting pregnant. i really don't know if this is an effect slimming coffee but then i just stopped drinking it for safety.


drinking brazilian slimming coffee really suppresses your appetite, you experience you thirst a lot. I encountered difficulty in sleeping. And on my fifth sachet i felt pain in my urinary tract when i urinated. I lose weight a little cannot determine because i did not weigh when i started drinking it. Though my tummy shrink a little. Guys! your health is in your hand.


I lost 2.9 Kilos in 5 Days yet i had UTI.


I already stop this today because of UTI. I was chilling and having a fever. My friend's mom has been undergoing dialysis due to slimming products.She's really critical right now.Hope you better stop this coffee and love your life pls.

Please be informed as well that it is so hard to distinguish the real Brazilian Coffee from the fake ones. If you do google online, you will find that some sellers claim that there are different variations of this coffee, strong and mild. However, other sellers also claim that there is only one original Brazilian Coffee and that is the strong one, and that the other variations are fake. We may all be lost here! More research has to be done. Do share what you know.

photo courtesy of google images

I may have to stick to the earlier guideline I have researched. The genuine Brazilian Coffee has:

- Silver writing is super embossed
- with dark brown logo

SORRY GUYS if what appeared was a huge black page. Something's wrong kasi sa template eh.i've just copy pasted the post again to correct this. Am so sorry..


79 Comments On"7 Day's Brazilian Coffee: Negative Effects"

thank you sis for this article. .buti na lang di ako uminom nito. .kakatakot sideeffects at di siya BFAD approved ha. baka kung ano ingredients nito na di natin alam..

palpitations, difficulty breathing, at extreme thirst on the first day ang naramdaman ko. di na ako uminom pa.

nagka UTI po ako after 5 days. i don't know if the coffee was the culprit.but i stopped drinking it na.

sa lahat po, exercise na lang po kayo at proper diet.

ive been using the products for almost 3months...and naka 10 box and more na ako,,,and i lose inches sa katawan ko,,kasi yun mga pants na ginagamit ko dati,,,d ko na magamit ngayon,,,sa sobrang laki,,,,so far,,wala nman side effect sa akin,,,kasi may caution nman na nakalagay kung sino lang ang pwede mag intake ng products,,,,and my instruction nman na drink more waters,,lahat nman siguro ng slimming product may side effect,,,yun iba nga like yun mga tea can cause diarhea,,panay panay ang dumi..on my part,,normal ang bowel ko,,once lang ako mag bowel a day,,,kaya nagustuhan ko ito,,,mura pa,,,hindi ako nag constipate....regular nman ang tulog ko,,,and hindi rin ako nag diet sa food,,i ate 3 times a day with snacks pa,,,so siguro it all depend s nagamit ng products,,,and s response ng katawan nila,,,marami din kasi cause ang uti,,,pag kulang sa intake ng waters can cause uti...kasi our kidney needs more water and 8 glasses of water a day is advice,,,sexually active can also caused uti,,,and lahat naman ng slimming products,,,either capsules,,tablets,,tea or coffee has good and bad side effects,,,,

I agree sa lahat ng comment na nabasa ko dito. So far I reach my ideal weight now that I lost 18 lbs. When I started using it It really supressed my appetite and keep drinking liquids. Sometimes I felt back pains and severe headaches which I really scared of. But I noticed that when you drink this cofee you should do also an exercise and eating healthy foods. Because it will help you to see the real effect of drinking this coffee. Now that I reached my ideal weight I just drink this coffee once in a week. So far I feel good about that. I think it depends also on how we discipline ourselves in dieting.

i drunk 3 sachet of this Brazilian Slimming Coffee.
But i never follow the instruction on it that says : 30mins. before eating breakfast. because i felt that it´s not right to drink anything without any foods in the stomach, specially drugs or coffee or tea that i really do not know. (because i believe that breakfast is the very important to our body, to function our brain too) so, i always do is : eat fruits or a little bread then i will wait 30mins. before i drink it.
I felt or i think, when i drink. it´s all normal.
but i got headache, backache and my body is shaking. So, when i feel like that - i know i must eat because i have nothing in my stomach. i do not feel hungry but i feel weak. So, i must eat. Specially i must have fruits to fight what is inside this coffee.
Yes, we do not know much about this, but i wonder why BFAD are not working to catch this illigal coffee...
Thanks to this add.

Hey BFAD! are you sleeping??? or maybe you get some commission to this kind of business??? WAKE UP!!!

I'm on my 8th sachet, and 1lb palang na lose ko.. Is ds ok?

As a seller of this coffee, if you're experiencing palpitations, chest pains and shortness of breathing please lessen the qty. or don't drink at all kasi baka hypertensive kayo di lang natin alam. Pag UTI naman drink plenty of water kasi sobrang magiging pawisin ka dito and uuhawin...and please eat something pag-oras ng kain.

2 variant ng coffee na to. Strong or Mild. sa mga planong uminom, kung wala pa kayong experience sa slimming coffee, please use the mild muna...sobrang lakas ng effect ng strong them bigla kayong iinom ng 1 sachet...what do you expect your body will react? mabibigla tlaga yan. half sachet muna if you really want to try the strong one agad.


i bought brazilian slimming coffe from a friend just yesterday kasi tumataba na ako, then she told me that it is really effective (looking at her, nakakaconvince talaga) well, today is my first day drinking it, then it was just now when i realized to do some research about this product... reading all the negative comments natakot na ko bigla, yet i tend to continue drinking it...
meron na akong UTI, i smoked daily maybe i can consume 3-5sticks a day, so adding another chemicals to my body maybe isn't bad at all.. :))
but i'l let you know if i feel something different after consuming 3-7 sachets of it...
sa ngaun, i really am craving for more waters, i even skipped lunch a while ago kasi pakiramdam ko busog pa ako..

hmmm... i ordered a different coffee which was suppose to work after 18 days or something but then my friend bought this one instead. i was sort of disappointed because I was already apprehensive to try a slimming coffee then she gave me a very strong one knowing how it's suppose to work in 7 days. I've opened the pack but I always research before anything and tadah! found this page now I don't know what to do with this box @_@

I've tried 3 different braz coffee..7days,leisure,& 7 slimming (d pix above)d third one is no good to me after 5 days every 2pm my headache starts...d first one..dyan ako hiyang...pumayat nga ako..i lost almost 12 kilos/27 lbs in 3 months...all of d side effects posted...terrible headache lang ang pinakaworst na s.e. ko..also my tym na umabot na ako na parang gumagamit na ako ng shabu..cold feet,teeth grinding,and takot na ako maligo!!! lalo na sa gabi...AND NOW...NUMBNESS of my 2 arms lalo na sa fingers ko...ive consulted our doctor na internist...lab done = ecg,uric,crea,lipid profile,sgpt,fbs..RESULT: NORMAL...my dr ask me exposed ba daw ako sa CHEMICALS??? of course not...but then pumasok sa utak ko ang braz coffee and I told him...he told me to bring it to any lab yung isang sachet for testing...he was also very CURIOUS kung ano content ng coffee that make me slim...he also advised me to undergo DRUGTEST....arggghhhh...As of now im on medication already..today is d 5th day of taking gabapentin but only slight changes on my numb fingers....

I heard about this slimming coffee very recently and got excited about it! So I ordered one box of it to try it out. Though most of the users I talked to said that they perspired so much, which I didn't experience at all! My first day was yesterday and I totally lost my appetite! It was amazing, 'cause I love to eat and nothing seem to suppress my appetite except for this! However, I force myself to eat somehow when it's mealtime because I don't want to experience side effects for not eating at all. Though, I did experience short sleeping hours last night... but I'm not sure if it's because of the coffee, which I drank very early that morning. Anyway,having read the comments here, I will take this coffee gradually, maybe every other day and hopefully I won't experience any side effects. If I do, then I'll stop this totally and go back to my natural weight loss program!

i'm on my 18th day of taking this product so far so good,i lost already almost 4 kilos in that span of 18 days,bad effects nung 1st week was excessive sweating as in may ipit akong tissue paper sa underarm ko at pati sa likod,masakit braso ko ska yung thighs pero nawala din yun,excessive thirst but i liked it kc dti tamad akong uminom ng tubig.i find that the best way to deal with it was to just continue eating khit konti lng like one of the users said in their comment.sk kc i'm also taking a medicine for my high cholesterol kya i need to eat something pra d skit tyan ko sk ang gusto ko d ako nanginginig sa gutom khit lumampas lng ng konti sa lunch at dinner tym.as for my sleeping pattern gnun tlga ako even w/o taking this coffee pagising-gising ako magdamag pero napansin ko nga lalo pa akong inaantok probably kc konti lng kain ko kya decreased din energy level ko.i'll probably take this until i lose 10 kilos which is what my doctor is telling me to do,khit sbihinh crash diet,what else to i have to lose e kung d ko makontrol bp ko pti mga blood sugar at cholesterol ko gnun din skit pa din bagsakan ko....at iinom din ako ng gamot...khit nga 1 kilo lng hirap alisin the natural way...Godwilling wala nmn masamang mangyari sa atin na naniniwala sa product na ito....

On my 1st day to try this product, it's quit ok and i didn't notice any side effect till i'm on my 6th day i notice shortness of breathing at night which really bothers me a lot. first thing that comes on my mine is the 7days brazilian coffee i'm taking..I started to search for the negative effect of this and it's 100% sure that due to this product..I've experience tightening in my back head and chest..also heartburn..I consulted doctor for my chest xray and thyroid blood test but it's normal.. Next is ENT doctor and found out that i have my GASTROESOPHAGEAL REFLUX DISEASE.. I'm on my medication now..till now I'm still suffering all of this effect.. Hopefully i will be ok..I'm suffering too much...Natural way of dieting is still the best i could suggest..

ito rin ginagamit ko kaso lang meron yata ako naiinom n fake lalo lumalakas p kain ko paano ko kaya malalaman kung fake o tunay ung kape n un kase wala palatandaan n fake o tunay un

i love this coffee.. its really helped me alot in reducing my weight... im soo happy right now because i can already wear my favorite old clothes.. da important is.. what makes u happy.. go for it!! hehehe :)

this coffee has help me a lot in losing weight. i practically lost 13 kilos in 3 months time.. di na ako umiinom ngayon but i will drink again because i wanted to lose another 5 to 10 kilos para balik na ako sa ideal weight ko, i never had side effects like palpitations and shortness of breath.. there was headache that i felt but by just eating small amount of food nawawala sya and it usually occurs naman during the time when we are suppose to eat like lunch and dinner.. it did control my eating and i really love it..

If phenolphthalein is a major ingredient of this. Medy nakakatakot. Nakarating ako dito, coz I was looking for side effects of 7 days slimming coffee.

A friend is experiencing auditory hallucinations, paranoia, belching, and as far as my googling goes, these are all side effects of phenolphthalein.

I'm convincing her to stop the coffee right away.

i already try it my friends give me so i need some more pls.contact me in my cel.phone e mail add.shinobabes@softbank.ne.jp

I am just curious it says in the internet ads that if you are hypertensive you should not drink this coffee. I'm on my 4th sachet now and I think occassionally I experienced shortness of breathing. Now I would like to ask if is it ok to drink this coffee while I am taking my maintenance meds for hypertension and kidney problem... For four days my appetite lessens so I think this will really help me lose weight, But because of what I've read I began to got scared...and planning to stop drinking this coffee... Sayang

im on my 5th box of brazillian slimming coffee... a friend told me that its effective so ive tried to use it... i also experience headache but other than that wala na... it really helps if you want to loose wait... cguro depende rin sa reaction ng body kya ung iba mraming nararamdaman but on my case.. its very effective..

Gastroesophageal Reflux... coffees are muscle relaxan, i got that! but brazilian slimming coffee si a BOOOOM! it caused my lower gastroesophageal sphincter to relax too much and now am having a hard time due to my esophageal discomfort which resulted from my gastric reflux..

I have tried using this product in the past and I have actually consumed 2 boxes already. I didn't feel anything bad or differnt except that I had a slight palpitation. I considered this normal as a result of any caffeine products . The first 2 boxes were bought from a Chinese store located inside SM. Yesterday, I bought another box from a Chinese store in Divisoria. Soon as I arrived home, I took one cup of Brazilian coffee and went to sleep before 10PM. However, I woke up at 1: 30, went back to sleep and again woke up at 3:30. By that time, I decided to wake up and prepare food for my kids heeding for school. Unconcios of the matter, I drank another cup of coffee while I am preparing breakfast for my kids.After they left for school did I realize that I have shortness of breathing, palpitation became more intense, my tongue tasted so bitter so I needed to drink lots of water and I craved for oranges and other fruits. When I got in the office today, I really feel sick, my mouth tasted as if I just came back from fever.I tried to recall what happened and the only variable is the Brazilian coffee which is why I was prompted to read this forum exchange. I have to stop the taking before I get ill.There is still time. Dieting is better done the natural way.

Hi i have found out that there's a new 7 days brazillian coffee it taste is much better than the old one. its sachet is color gold with a mark of the 7 days slimming coffee. do you think this is the original? I just trie using it today i'll update you soon whether it's effective or not. thanks. =)

I tried this coffee and have consumed 2 boxes. It I'd suppress appetite but other than the continuos headache I had, I also had depressive symptoms, which is more bothersome and worrisome for me. I stopped it and I am just trying now to stay away from high carb foods which are really fattening. As a doctor, I wouldn't advice using this to anybody, obese or not

my friend give this to me to try..i had a terrible headache after like 10 minutes of drinking this coffee, and i'm very dizzy..this coffee is really dehydrating..i don't recommend this to anyone..not a good way to lose weight...

I also used ds coffee before from 60kls it reach down to 54 ...very abrupt...and I was so hapi with da result.i stopped after taking 2boxes.what I feel dat time was I was thirsty ol da tym n I experienced headache due to less in take of food.after 1yr of nt using it I gain weight again when I try to drink brazillan sliming coffee.i nw fel palpitation.i stop then.

I took 7 the seven days brazilian coffee for 1 week yes it surpressess my apetite at first but a rebound of palpitations, headache and i had an acid reflux.... worst is even if i stopped drinking this my acid reflux always attacks me, i think i need to go to the doctor, I will never ever suggest the product to anyone, Our helath is on risk when you take it.

I have tried the 7 days brazilian coffee and now even if i stopped using this because og the negative effects am still suffering an acid reflux, i will never evr recommend anyone to use this cause its not safe.

when i start drinking this 7 days slimming coffee, i took my weight after 1 wk.and it amased me coz i lost 2 kg that fast.Side effects? well what i felt i think is normal compare to like drinking those normal cofffee especially if ur not used to drink coffee..in a first few days u will feel some effects like more sweating,thristy, and lessen ur appetite..after a few days then it will be okey, no unusuall thing...coz ur body already prepared for more intense loosing weight ..But dont skip meals still u have to eat on the right time ,but what i noticed is less appetite and if u feel hungry water is enough to make u full..Support with diet and exercise will keep u at best..

Hi everyone! I've been taking this coffee for 2 1/2 months now. I can say that it really made me slim which I really like. From the comments that I've read, I also experienced excessing sweating and I easily get full during meals. The negative effects on me are heart burns, hyperacidity, and stomach pains. I'm starting to get worried because I'm always experiencing alternative stomach aches and hyperacidity everyday. I'm planning to stop drinking this coffee for a while because my husband and I are planning to have a baby this year. Hopefully I won't gain back those inches that I've lost. Will try to eat in moderation again.

hi! im a 22yrs old guy and im on the third day of drinking this coffee and YES, it does suppress your appetite and im always thirsty so i have to drink water almost every 15 to 30mins. I did not experienced palpitations or hard breathing but the only weird negative effect of this coffee to me is my semen volume suddenly decreased. me and my gf just had S** a while ago and we both noticed it. the last time we did it is over a week ago. is there any guy out there had the same experience like mine? or cguro kulang pa rin ako sa tubig kaya ganun. nakakatakot lang baka maging impotent ako dahil sa coffee na to. xD does this also affect sexual performances and such. i tried research about my experience but did not find any topic regarding it. and i stumbled on this page. please.. i need your ideas and suggestions. :) thanks!

I will never ever recommend this coffee due to its side effects. At first, you will be really amazed because it really supresses your appetite, causing you not to eat or if so, just half of your regular meal. It also caused be to palpitate and sweat a lot. During classes, i feel really dizzy. and the worst effect that Ive encountered due to this coffee is that i had a painless hematuria ( dugo sa ihi ). So please, stop drinking this coffee. We should be concerned with our health first. Diet and exercise talaga ang solution sa weight loss.

I really lost weight.. you just need to drink plenty to prevent uti and uti's can lead to renal failure.. whist taking this coffee you will experience dehydration.. So drink a lot of water and dont skip meals and do some exercise at the same time too ;-)

It doesn't matter if you bought the authentic or the fake ones... The product isn't safe... I had been using it for awhile to maintain my figure.... But, like others, i also experienced those side effects which should not be taken for granted... It is very effective on trimming your weight. But in exchange, your health also deteriorates... The product increases your blood pressure significantly, that's why consumers experience palpitations and head aches... And from my experience, i think it also weakens your bones and joints that you are more prone to bone and joint injuries... Your immune system could possibly be affected...though i could be wrong, i had been very weak and susceptible to infections and diseases since i had taken the product... It's not just this product by the way... They come in many forms/brands... Juice, coffee, chocolate drink - they all yield the same result... And side effects...

In addition, the product is likely to damage the kidneys and the thyroid gland since it directly acts on them. Its component triggers the thyroid gland to release hormones which speeds up metabolism. Hence, consumers sweat a lot and their brains are very stimulated giving them a hard time to sleep... Just like people who have hyperthyroidism...and since it is excreted in the urine, your kidneys are probably having a hard time filtering your blood. I'm not sure how it affects the bone and joints... This is just my scientific way of explaining the side effects since i'm a nurse. It also says in the label that pregnant women and those who are hypertensive are not allowed to take the product. Well, obviously it will kill them when their blood pressure shoots up brought about the product.
I am glad someone started this review/blog. Consumers, stop using the product. The bad effects out weigh our desired effects-slimming down. Unless you want to shorten your life, stop as soon as you've read this.

i tried this coffee effective tlga sya.. cguro ung mga negative side effects eh depende sa reaction ng katawan.. ska sa pagamit.. dapat proper use.. ska use it with excercise ska proper diet. sa akin kc naging ok pkrmdam ko.. unlike before.. tlagng ang lakas ng menstruation ko.. tpos lagi ako nkkrmdm ng dysmenorrhea nung ginamit ko ang product na ito.. tlgng lahat ngng normal.. sa akin kc gngamit ko ng tama sa oras at ssbyabng ng paginom ng madaming tubig at proper diet at food then proper excercise..

thnxs po sa article na to, at least alam na namin kung anu nangyari sa sister-in-law ko, lahat ata ng side effect na sinabi d2 ay naranasan nya. at pls po, love ur life.

IF this product my have bad effects to people y is that nagkalat ang mga nagtitinda ng ganito? sa mga mall pa??? just wondering!! BFAD di ba pweding gwan ng paraan to? bka marami pang mapahamak because of curiosity sa product na to coz its really effective!!

This coffee is a wonder product,( The main ingredient is Garcinia Cambogia popular in many natural wt loss products. The extract is Hydrocitric acid (AHCA), claimed to suppress appetite and enchance fat-burning. HCA inhibits an enzyme called citrate lyase that helps turn excess carbohydrates into fat. By inhibiting this enzyme, it is believed the body intstead boosts carbohydrate oxidationor simply put, BURN THE EXTRA CARBS). I've been using it for almost a year on and off since it's hard to get supply. I have stomach ache problem due to cold intolerance and I've been through test but still unknown cause. Since I started taking coffee my stomach ache was lessen and I lost 15-20 lbs in less than a month or two. Some side effects were mouth dryness which can be resolve by chewing gum, constipation for the first 1-2 wks of taking it ( drink a lot of water ) and lost of apetite (cautious need to be taken by diabetic people). The good thing is you can eat as much as you want ( gain 3-5 lbs in a day) and loose it again the next day. I recomended it to my friend who has type 2 uncontrolled diabetic. She's been taking insulin and lots of medication, initially she has hypoglycemia attack for the first 2 wks but didn't give up on taking it, Now from 2-3X size, she's down to Large and lantus was discontinued ( not to mention lesser pills). Her physician was so amazed to the result and asked her about it and gave her go signals to keep taking it ( with caution0. She is a hew person...more confident and her self steem is back, not to mention her joy of shopping new clothes that reveal her curve. I gave some too to my friends to give it a try and everybody is happy. The effect varries to individual and your wt will plateau in a certain time. So overall we are happy and satisfied for the effect, unfortunately it's really hard to find a reputable seller since there's a lot of immitation that resulted to dissatisfied result and decrease efficiency.
I hope this review will help and remember individual has different system and tolerance so the outcome varries.Precaution need to be taken to those people who has medical condition. If you're taking coffee might as well take this one.


i'm using this products for 10 daysand i like it ilost 8lbs,because i always jog an hour and thread mill in the house.i eat 6x a day small but frequent and drink lots of water almost 3.5 gallon a day.i dont experience any side effect so far.

I'm 15 and I'm drinking this coffee. will it affect hugely affect my health? :(

OMG..a lot of people taking this brazilian slimming coffee pala.. I thought konti lang kami.hahah.. anyways, I agree with all of the negative side effects stated above.. I have experienced most of it, especially having a dry mouth, throat, cold hand and feet, and my urine smells exactly the same as the coffee in a hot water.. Though it doesn't affect my sleeping habit.. The worst thing is the headache.. I bought 2 boxes, I have finished the first box (12 sachets) now I'm on the 2nd box but I stopped taking it since 2 days ago.. I want to take a break.. I'm planning to take it once every 2 days na lang.. kasi I lost 5lbs naman na...and I'm worried about the headache baka maging migraine. Hmmmm I'm just wondering lang if it has an illegal drug ingredient, bakit nakapasok dito sa america.. I bought it from a Filipina living in New Jersey..she's selling it for $10/box at eBay.. It looks authentic naman.. Based on my research, ang naka banned dito sa U.S. is the Leisure 18 slimming coffee due to the dangerous ingredient that may cause stroke and heart attack... Now I will try the other brand "Leptin Green Coffee 1000"... I bought 3 boxes from her, no side-effects daw.. Well, we'll see.. It's a bit more expensive lang than the 7day brazilian coffee but it has 18 sachets per box.

my god. . salamat, my wife have been taking this pill for a month now, namamantal skin nya. . .

I am currently using the brazillian coffee, I'm on my 3rd box right now and already lose weight. After drinking the coffee, I see to it that I drink lots of water. Nde naman masama un effet sakin, sometimes my head aches but I don't mind because I really do have migraine even before I'm not yet using the product. Nawawalan ako ng ganang kumain, but I see to it that I still eat 3 times a day. I don't know what to do after reading this article, maybe I'll just finished the last box and continue the normal diet.

I also tried This Brazilian Coffee..it is really effective .. I just stopped drinking this one because of too much thirst thus causing me to urinate more.. there's no problem urinating if I'm at home but the problem is I usually go out.. what if I can't find comfort room .. I'm afraid I'll get sick if I will control my pee..but tomorrow I'll try drinking again coz I just bought one a while ago..too late when my friend told me about the negative side effect...anyways I never experienced those before so I guess I's still safe..

There is side effect in drinking this coffee. Ive tried this for about 2-3 months and ang napansin ko is bumibilis yung heartbeat ko. Konting times lang naman pero hindi madalas. Pero as of now wala nang iba. :) Hope to Help you all.

hi read all the negative feedbacks using this coffee as well wala naman akong problema, kaya lang iba iba kasi tau depende sa ating metabolism din.. might be strong for u o ano... or u taking medication but ang importante sa lahat eh, lahat naman nang mga diet pills eh may epekto and this is only help us to lose weight, but remember we have to eat a healthy food and drink lots of water at least 2 LT. a day, i know wee a lot, but once u consume all and wee all and u fine....lol

where can i buy that coffe here in phil. ? in what store ?

Hello! I came here in the Phil. last feb from London. A friend from there has insisted that i shld give this slimming coffee a try but i cant coz i havnt had time. Anyway, when i came back, i tried this brazilian coffee and im on my 5th box already! My weight has dropped dramatically and im happy to say that im in my ideal weight already which i never thought will happen coz i've tried everything before. About the side effects that most of here has shared, i think im just so lucky coz am not experiencing that at all! I dont know, but maybe its because im always watching what i eat. If you're experiencing headaches, you should eat something even if you're not feeling hungry. Hey, you dont have to skip a meal, your appetite is suppressed BUT you have to force yourself to eat something ( in small quantity) for you not to experience headache or nausea. About UTI, in the process of drinking this coffee, you will feel thirsty all the time, all you have to do is always carry with u ( home or ofc or mall) a water container, you need to drink lots of water. Most of us experience heavy sweating, then we urinate a lot of times, so, with these water excretion, we need to replace it otherwise, we end up having UTI, bad mood, dryness of mouth and throat, headache etc. Im not convicing everyone to drink this but am just sharing what im experiencing, im very pleased with my figure now, i've stopped drinking it for awhile (coz of the obvious reason that i dont need to shed off some more from my weight) but i shall drink it again maybe once a week. I sleep soundly at night, no palpitations, no headache etc. I never experienced constipation (coz i eat fruits after meal), i eat lots of veggies as well. This coffee has indeed helped me gain back my figure. If you'll ask me how much weight i've lost?-- 10 kilos! No diet at all, just eat healthy food and drink lots 'n lots of water ... And of course, a cup of brazillian coffee every morning is enough to do the trick ;)

Where can i buy this coffee

I started drinking slimming coffee since dec 2009, dhil s impluwensya ng cousin ko who already try this product. at first effective nga nka2payat pero masyadong nkakauhaw and wlang ganang kumain, also headache and sleeping disorder. the worst thing is last May, 2010 my mestruation started to become irregular nung una akala ko kusa lng ngirregular but then after one month ngstop ult mens ko and then July n ult ako ngkaroon. after that 3 mos na ngskip ang menstruation ko and then lgi ng nging ganun ung cycle ko. And until now irregular pdin ang menstruation ko. So sad and frustrating after using this product. Nasa huli tlaga ang pagsisisi. The doctor told me that I have PCOS since I have my irregular periods but after reading negative comments from this article I thought that I've got all these after drinking this slimming coffee. Hopefully mging normal na ulit ung menstruation ko kase me and my husband we're trying to conceive.

I started drinking slimming coffee since dec 2009, dhil s impluwensya ng cousin ko who already try this product. at first effective nga nka2payat pero masyadong nkakauhaw and wlang ganang kumain, also headache and sleeping disorder. the worst thing is last May, 2010 my mestruation started to become irregular nung una akala ko kusa lng ngirregular but then after one month ngstop ult mens ko and then July n ult ako ngkaroon. after that 3 mos na ngskip ang menstruation ko and then lgi ng nging ganun ung cycle ko. And until now irregular pdin ang menstruation ko. So sad and frustrating after using this product. Nasa huli tlaga ang pagsisisi. The doctor told me that I have PCOS since I have my irregular periods but after reading negative comments from this article I thought that I've got all these after drinking this slimming coffee. Hopefully mging normal na ulit ung menstruation ko kase me and my husband we're trying to conceive.

I started drinking slimming coffee since dec 2009, dhil s impluwensya ng cousin ko who already try this product. at first effective nga nka2payat pero masyadong nkakauhaw and wlang ganang kumain, also headache and sleeping disorder. the worst thing is last May, 2010 my mestruation started to become irregular nung una akala ko kusa lng ngirregular but then after one month ngstop ult mens ko and then July n ult ako ngkaroon. after that 3 mos na ngskip ang menstruation ko and then lgi ng nging ganun ung cycle ko. And until now irregular pdin ang menstruation ko. So sad and frustrating after using this product. Nasa huli tlaga ang pagsisisi. The doctor told me that I have PCOS since I have my irregular periods but after reading negative comments from this article I thought that I've got all these after drinking this slimming coffee. Hopefully mging normal na ulit ung menstruation ko kase me and my husband we're trying to conceive.

I started drinking slimming coffee since dec 2009, dhil s impluwensya ng cousin ko who already try this product. at first effective nga nka2payat pero masyadong nkakauhaw and wlang ganang kumain, also headache and sleeping disorder. the worst thing is last May, 2010 my mestruation started to become irregular nung una akala ko kusa lng ngirregular but then after one month ngstop ult mens ko and then July n ult ako ngkaroon. after that 3 mos na ngskip ang menstruation ko and then lgi ng nging ganun ung cycle ko. And until now irregular pdin ang menstruation ko. So sad and frustrating after using this product. Nasa huli tlaga ang pagsisisi. The doctor told me that I have PCOS since I have my irregular periods but after reading negative comments from this article I thought that I've got all these after drinking this slimming coffee. Hopefully mging normal na ulit ung menstruation ko kase me and my husband we're trying to conceive.

I don't experience the negative side effects because I mix the slimming coffee and choco with decaf and other coffee. It took me 2 months to lose 6 pounds but this better than sudden loss.

Just sprinkle 1/2 sachet on your oatmeal, champurado, shake, ice cream, cake and relax. Keep a sachet in your bag all the time.

I never experience any negative effects because I mix 1/2 sachet of the coffee and choco with decaf, other coffee and choco drinks, shakes, oatmeal, champurado, cake, ice cream, whatever.

Took me 2 months to shed 6 lbs, but this is better than sudden loss. Just carry a sachet in your bag all the time and make it a habit.

tama mga sis! i try this product din siguro naka 2 1/2 na ako ng box. effective talaga siya kasi chubby ako at malaki ang bilbil ko, days ang lumipas pumayat ako. ang sabi ko sa sarili ko wow! its work talaga! dahil marami na akong nagamit na slimming tea walang effect talaga di gumagana sa akin. But weeks ang lumipas napansin ko na hindi ako nakakatulog ng maayos, palaging nauuhaw, masakit ang dibdib ko, mahina ang heart beat, mainit ang katawan, nagpapawis ang kamay at paa ko, at madali mawala ng menstruation ko. kaya nag research ako kung ano ang mga side effects... and sabi ko sa sarili ko patay! ang dami palang nabiktima ng product na ito. kaya ngayon nag stop na talaga ako. kasi pati health ko apiktado na. effective siya pangpayat but daming side effects naman! huhuhuhu

its my 2 weeks of using the product and i lost 5kg.but i felt some side effect i alway get thirsty, dizzy, shortness of breath,irregular heart beat, head ache and I've got so active, i cant sleep, palpitation so i decided to stop. the government should do something about this .please don't try this product.

Im a foreigner!!!I used This product too.....now im scared
Cuz of the side effects i experienced ...i lost 2kilos in 5days but palpitation uti and headache are rapid in my body...please dont use because y should they ban in brazil if the product is so effective??????and they are exporting to philippines ?plzz ban this product fda....!!!!

Hi! I am also drinking the coffee, one of my workmates recomended it to me. I have always been a slim girl, but after a couple of years on medications for my drugaddiction I gained a lot of weight, and that was/is ofcourse very hard to deal with. So when she told me that she had lost 3 kg in under two weeks, and her friend 9 kg in under a month! I just had to try it! But now I am actually starting to get really scared about it. I am in my third week using it, and I have lost 3 kg, and I had not experiensed a serious amount of sideeffects until last thursday, when I forgot to take my medication against anxiety. That day I experienced all the sideeffects listed above, and a couple of others, like panicattac and major anxiety that actually made me start crying, AT WORK!! And as a former drugaddict, I recognised the symptoms as the ones you get when using amfetamin. Does anyone know if the coffee have amfetamin in it?

Well as of my experience, really went well. From 65kls down to 55kls for 3months. Try to search sa youtube about "brazilian slimming coffee" pra ma identify nyo kung mild or strong ung nabili nyo. Hndi rin aq nakaranas ng side effects while taking this kc il make sure nakaka kain aq and iinom ng maraning tubig.

I've been using brazillian coffee for 1 year at sa awa ng Dios buhay pa rin ako. Different person has different side effects. It may work good for me , but it may not to others.

hello there!
isa lng ako sa baguhang gumagamit ng brazilian 7days slimming coffee.. im 32 yrs.old with 3 kids a full time mother cmula nag anak ako tumaba n ako sa 70 kilos na dating 50 kilos lng.. kya ko naisipang mg try ng slimming coffee dhl parang nakaka- insecure na rin!! parang ang hirap n kc mg diet pro cmula mg inom ako ng slimming coffee naging effective sya sakin wala nman akung nararamdamang iba maliban lng sa sobrang pgkauhaw kc inom lng tlaga ng inom tubig.. sa tanghali lng ako nagra-rice pro 1cup lng at sa gabi oatmeal nlang kinakain ko..

Ive been using this coffe for 3months now 197 to 150lbs wel so far sooo good just drink lots of water and eat friuts nd veggies alryt people...

for me it did not work.................but its ok lolz

i try this products already i consume 2 boxes and talgang nag payat ako dti na ko may UTI but d k nmn naramdamn na umatake uli sumkit lng ulo k minsan dahil sguro sa kulang tulog at walang gana kumin pero ang ginawa ko alternate na lng take ko every other day na lng as of now take p rn ako

I drank 7 cups of 7 Days Brazilian coffee in one sitting. I can't sleep after that. This shit is not recommended.

Well, today is my 4th day taking the coffee. I already felt the severe headache yesterday and i did'nt think that it was because of the coffee until I read your comments. and also ,my menstrual flow is also not normal. in the weight, i don't think I lose a weight. As I read ur comments about this coffee I think I should stop it, I don't want to risk my health.

Dr. Oz says you are wrong!!!! What competing product are you selling??


@kristopher, i dont sell any competing products. If you carefully read my post you will understand that am just channeling out user feedbacks after consuming this coffee. Some have good feedbacks for this coffee but the majority don't.

I tried this prod bfore.. Kaso un nga, I experienced headache and diziness after my 2nd sachet, so I stoppd.. Same then ang naexperiencd nang sis ko nung ngtry xia... Lumakas din appetite nya,.. Ahahahahah... Opposite sa ibang testimonies.. :p

Today is my 7 days taking this coffee, I dont feel anyting at all. My weight still the same did not lose anything yet. But I will continue taking this and let you know soon

i agree to that. but me i was on my second box but i cant see any effect . well i loose an inch but not as drastic as others. the only bad side effect na naranasan ko is UTI kasi di ako palainum ng water but other than that ayos naman. umayos pa nga ung regularization ng menstration ko . :)

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