Friday, June 3, 2011

Sun Mobile Network Call and Text Promo Keywords

Here's the Sun Call and Text Keywords for all Sun users. If you have no Sun sim, you can get one now for as cheap as 10 pesos with an unlimited call and text for 1 day. Super cheap indeed!

call and text for 1 day
CTU 25

call and text for 5 days
CTU 100

call and text for 7days
CTU 150

call and text for 1 month
CTU 450

text unli for 1 day/winner text

text unli for 2 days
TU 20

text unli for 1 week
TU 50

text unli for 1month
TU 150

Send to 247

budget text P5

call and text combo 10
CTC 10

call and text combo 20
CTC 20

call and text combo 30
CTC 30

daylite call and text unli
DCTU 100

sulit call

Send to 223

SBW50: 1 day internet browsing

i50 send to 272

  • Or simply type *230# call and choose the promo you wanted to avail.


  • unlimited sun to sun text for one day
  • 15 minutes of calls per hour
  • 15 minutes of mobile internet
  • 20 texts to other networks – ALL in ONE product! Connect with EVERYONE, even if they are using other networks for as low as P25, good for 1 day

How to register:

text: UMIX 25
send to 247

  • unlimited sun to sun text for 5 days
  • 15 minutes of calls per hour
  • 75 minutes of mobile internet
  • 1000 texts to other networks for only Php 100

How to register:

text: UMIX 100
send to 247

  • Special “Flexi Rates” for calls and texts both to Sun and to other networks
  • Ability to convert this load to other Sun Special Loads (e.g. Call & Text Unlimited, Call & Text Combo, etc.)
  • Enjoy Flexi Rates when you load Regular Load within the validity of your Flexi Load (5 days!)

Price: Php 50.00
Validity: 5 Days
Flexi Rates:
  • Sun-to-Sun Texts P0.25
  • Texts to other Networks P0.50
  • Sun-to-Sun Calls P0.50/min
  • Calls to other Networks P5.50/min

How to register:
text: Flexi50 to 247


  1. anu keyword ng textall100.?? ung 7 days unli tyo all network..plzzz....

  2. Thank you for these keywords. I bookmarked your page so that when I forgot the kws I will just go back to your blog! Now i have many choices for my sun load!