Tuesday, March 15, 2011

7 Things You Should Do To Avoid Eye Wrinkles

Too much emphasis has been given on taking care of our facial skin, but people tend to forget how just important it is to take care of our eyes as well.  The skin around your eyes needs a different kind of care. You can't use the same cream that you use on  your face, for your skin around the eyes. The skin in the eye area is so thin and sensitive. There are things we need to always remember to protect our eye area. 

Eye Wrinkles make one look old. The saggy eye bags and the dark circles add a few more years to your age. This is not good.  So what do you need to do to avoid Eye Wrinkles? Read and learn..

7 Things You Should Do To avoid Eye Wrinkles

1. Always wear Sunglasses! Some people despise wearing Sunglasses, but the constant squinting causes crow's feet and forehead wrinkles.  You squint and squint for years and that creates creases on the skin around your eyes.

2. Always wear Eye Cream with SPF. The skin around the eyes is thin that it ages faster than any other skin in your body. So wear an eye cream with SPF.

3. Don't sleep on your belly! Why? Doing so creates creases on the side where your eye gets in contact with your pillow. Through the years, this can cause permanent lines or wrinkles.

4. Don't overdo eye massaging! Massaging the eye area is good as it promotes proper blood circulation, but don't overdo. 

5. Be very gentle with your eye area. When you need to put make-up or remove make up or apply cream on your eye area, be very gentle! Needless to point out the fact that skin is so thin in that area. Rubbing your eye area roughly contributes to hasten wrinkling of the skin.

6. Drink an extra glass or two of water after a night of less sleep or during hot summer days. Doing so hydrates the skin around your eye area.

7. Get enough rest during the night and take naps during the day. This keeps your skin around the eyes looking plump. This also wards off fatigue and stress. We all know stress and fatigue, lack of sleep in a way encourages wrinkles. So keep your body well rested.


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