Friday, February 11, 2011

5 Ideas for a Romantic Anniversary!

Your anniversary as sweethearts is fast approaching again! Now you worry about how to make it special and different from the previous anniversaries. You don't want to do the same celebration year after year or month after month. You need to be creative and romantic at the same time.

Here are some ideas to celebrate your anniversary.

1. Gifts. Send  (For Women)Send your partner a sexy lingerie with a message like "ready for battle" or the like prior to your anniversary day. He'll get the message without a doubt. (For men) send your partner a sexy brief or boxer shorts, with her sexy photo printed on it. This may sound corny, but you'll be surprise how this simple gesture can heat things up in bed of course.. 

2. Propose to your partner again! Reiterate the love you have for each other. But do so in a romantic way.  Book a romantic dinner in a restaurant. If you are bold enough, propose in front of the people in the restaurant. OR have a banner saying "will you marry me again" outside the restaurant.  Let children or senior citizens carry the banner.

3. Just married! Fetch your partner from work. Put "Just married" sign on the part of the car where it's visible to where your partner would be standing when you fetch her. Don't forget the flowers and chocolates as you approach her.  Now, drive her to heaven - I mean to the most romantic place in town.

4. Watch a movie. Compile your collection of videos like  your first date video, your wedding video, the video of her giving birth, picnic videos, family outing videos etc. Label the video with some fun title. Think well! Don't give her the idea that the video will be all about you as a couple or as a family.

5.  Forget the anniversary! Pretend as if you forget about your anniversary. Engage into a petty fight with your partner if you must. But prepare your anniversary surprise.  Fill the house with flowers. Spread rose petals from your front door to your room. Cover your bed with rose petals.  On the anniversary day, fetch your partner and give her a bouquet of flowers but don't look super happy.  Then show her the surprise as you reach home.. She'll be very surprise. Don't forget to say your proposal again "Will you marry me again for the next 100 years" or something like that.. (and buy her a new ring if you can afford).

That's it.. I hope you enjoy reading this.. Happy Valentine' Day everyone!


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