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How to Fix Smart Bro Error Codes P30040, P30090 Connection Problem

Smart Broadband Internet is not really great when it comes to its services. But many still use Smart Bro because of the affordable fees and because it has a wider area coverage as compared to Globe Broadband and other internet providers. I've had my own share of bad internet connection and bad customer service with Smart.  It does *uck but I'm left with no choice as Globe does not cover my place for internet connection.

Some Facts about Smart Bro plan 999:

  • It is intended for a single pc only .
  • Everytime you transfer the connection to another pc, you will be redirected to the smart bro portal where you need to enter you Account Number, Reference Number, and the Captcha to be able to login or activate your internet connection.

Some problems associated with Smart Bro:
  • Can't login to the portal
  • Error Codes P30040, P30090 and other error codes 

Do it  yourself solutions for Error Codes or Internet Connectivity Problems:

  • Clear your internet cache.
  • Use a different browser
  • Restart your pc.
  • Disable and re-enable your LAN

The above solutions are a few things you can perform before calling Smart Bro's customer service (*1888). Of course when you call, they will let you do all those steps above again. You might even go far to using a specific IP address, Servers or Proxy.  If all else fails, the problem is not with your pc, but with Smart. The only way to solve the error codes especially P30040 is to let Smart activate your account without the need for you to go to the Smart Bro portal. It only requires a few tweaking on their part, I believe. Just be patient and call them again if your connection is not fixed. I'm basing all these from my experience. Sometimes it is beyond our control and this is the time where we badly need a good customer service from Smart.

Remember, at times it may take 24 hours for Smart to fix your connection. After this time and no progress is made, call Smart again. Just be persistent. In fairness, there are still few good customer reps out there that are willing to help you out.

If you are still experiencing Smart Bro P30040 error or similar errors, you can leave a comment here, or if you have an easy solution, don't hesitate to share it with us.


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How to Fix Smart Bro Error Codes P30040, P30090 Connection Problem
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October 31, 2011 at 8:37 AM delete

Issue is when connected to a edimax router it always requires you to login, and it will only allow you to browse go figure...
Internet works if you plug it directly to the computer.
It used to work with my router on both computers, no clue if it's a router issue, have tried upgrading its FW though but still the same, was thinking of internet sharing but too costly. If I'm correct I think you have to purchase another lan card for this to work? But since you mentioned that it just needs to be reactivated from their end then I'll try and call them first, it's such a pain , wish me luck :P

March 27, 2012 at 11:33 PM delete

fucking smart poor customer service smart always earnings money that there customer is not satisfied to there service

March 25, 2014 at 1:39 AM delete

error p30200 smartbro help me sir please

April 13, 2014 at 9:29 AM delete

Sorry for complaining too much, but we used to have a stable, fast and very reliable connection in our home, but in the past 2 weeks our connection suffer a very slow speed but continuous connection, but this recent 4-6 days ago we have fast speed but not continuous connection it may last for few hours then after we lost our connection I need to activate mybro account, and I having a hard time to activate mybro account due to some errors I encountered all the time 'P30040', 'B3003' and another error I forgot to note.

I been continue doing troubleshooting steps you provided to optimize our connection but as I said it before it also last for a few hours then I need activate mybro account again then I will encounter errors again, I'm the only person in our home can do this to trigger our connection but when I'm at work or busy my parents cant do this and will have to wait for me to have a net connection.

We just want our reliable connection back because we are using myBro 3years+ now and this is the first time we encounter this, I hope that this report helps mybro solve other related problem like this and hoping this problem will be solve soon.


I send this to smart bro!