Saturday, October 2, 2010

China Telecom’s new Lifepad A800 Android Tablet

We have another tablet competitor in the market. Here comes another Android Tablet from China Telecom called "Lifepad A800". Check out Lifepad A800 Specifications below:

China Telecom Lifepad A800 Tablet Specifications

* 7 inches of resistive touchscreen display
* 800 x 600 pixel of resolution
* Google Android 2.1
* 512 MB of RAM
* 720p HD video playback
* 1 GB of memory storage
* 3 G connectivity
* SIM card slot
* SD card slot
* USB port

The expected price tag is somewhere in the $180 range. Well, China has been producing many tablets recently which do not really stand at par with iPad. Let's just hope Lifepad A800 is a better tablet in terms of quality and style.

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China Telecom’s new Lifepad A800 Android Tablet
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