Thursday, October 7, 2010

Caitlin Sanchez: Dora the Explorer lawsuit!

Caitlin Sanchez: Dora the Explorer lawsuit! This has been the recent buzz on the web recently. The lovely voice behind Dora in Dora The Explorer is Caitlin Sanchez since 2008. She is 14 years old. Her parents claim that Nickelodeon screwed Caitlin out of millions of dollars!

“I’ve never seen as convoluted and inscrutable contract as I’ve seen here.” Balestriere continued, “Defendants used Caitlin, unjustly enriching themselves of millions of dollars in profits from the series and branded products, which Caitlin performed and promoted.”
- Caitlin’s lawyer, John Balestriere told the Daily News

“Unfortunately, Caitlin’s voice changed and she was no longer able to portray the Dora character, as happened with the actress who originated the role. Caitlin’s contract was extensively negotiated through her agent and in compliance with her union. She was well-compensated for her work and for personal appearances. We have enjoyed working with Caitlin on Dora the Explorer these past three years, and we did in fact offer her a contract for other work with us."
- Nickelodeon

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Caitlin Sanchez: Dora the Explorer lawsuit!
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