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Olay Natural White Review

Okay, so am back reviewing products again. Take note I am not being paid not a cent to do product reviews. But yes I'd love to get paid to do an honest review of products ranging from beauty products to gadgets.

Anyways, let's get back to the meat of this post. I saw Heart Evangelista's commercial about Olay Natural White on tv and my eyes went big seeing somewhat promising beauty product from a trusted brand. I was so eager to buy a sachet to try it out and so I did. But since I was using other products which I have also reviewed in this blog, I skipped the application, not until recently.

Description: OLAY NATURAL WHITE light "Healthy Fairness Day Cream" , non greasy formula, with UV Protection

Direction: Use twice a day on a clean face.

Price: 13 pesos for a 7.5 sachet

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

I've used Olay Natural White for a week only.  Olay Natural White has a light fragrance  (but I think it smells like soap) and it seems to get easily absorbed by the skin.  It doesn't give you that super matte finish but could be a great make up base. It makes the skin soft and smooth.  A good moisturizer I should say. The added UV Protection is a plus factor for this product. By the way, there is another variant of Olay that does not contain UV protection.

The BAD:
Olay Natural White says it has a non greasy formula. But there is no point at rejoicing for all those who have oily skins like I do.  The product makes your skin super oily later on. I usually put on the cream after washing my face or after shower, then wait for it to sort of settle down or dry, then I put on face powder or make up. After a few hours I noticed my facial skin was so greasy.  The excess oil and the moisturizer all mixed up on my face. Just imagine how unpleasant that is. So if you have oily skin, I don't think this product is for you.

Acne breakout is the worst this product has caused me. I've got a few big pimples on my forehead after 5 days of usage. Perhaps I was allergic to some of the ingredients the product contains.

Does it really whiten?
As to the whitening effect, because after all this is what the product really endeavors to give, 7 days is not that long though, but I didn't see any whitening action going on my face. My skin complexion did not whiten a shade higher perhaps, or just brighten up per se. No difference. No whitening effect. But then yes, 7 days is very short, but we've been seeing products from "Ponds" and "SkinWhite" and the like promising results in 7 days, right? My point here is that Olay Natural White scored a "0" for me in terms of whitening my skin in 7 days. Oh well, I might just give it the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps I just didn't notice it on my skin, but then again, if ever there is any whitening effect it is soooo not noticeable at all.

My tips before you spend your hard earned money on beauty products, read reviews online first and read the product description and ingredients. Also if you should buy, buy a sachet first or the smallest bottle or tube. Don't buy the expensive big bottles immediately, otherwise you will be wasting money in case you won't use the product at all because it's not working as you expected. :))

More reviews soon..

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P.S. I've got my splint today.. See I've got braces and splint. A lot of stuff going on inside my mouth..

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Olay Natural White Review
4/ 5

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October 18, 2011 at 5:27 AM delete

I've been using it for a month already and my skin isn't fairer, but it is smoother and softer. Plus it keeps my face moisturized. Tsaka sabi nila lagi raw akong "blooming" Hahaha! But yes, I do agree with you about the oily part although for me it's not so bad. And also, it didn't give me acne break-outs. I guess I'm just not prone to acne. :)

Perhaps it depends on the skin type. Btw, I loved your tips. It's awesome. :))

November 9, 2012 at 5:58 AM delete

I am a very loyal fan of olay, but i am talking about total effects... unfortunately, i ran out of it and the following morning i saw this olay white and because its Olay i hurriedly purchased the item. Im on my 2nd day and my face is itchy! ;(
I will not recommend this merchndise. i will stick to my olay total effects.