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Justin Bieber Quotes

Justin Bieber is so popular that fans are searching for Justin Bieber Quotes. Here are a few of the Justin Bieber Quotes that you can find online. There'll be more to be added to the list of Justin Bieber quotes/sayings.

“There’s more people that like me than there are who hate me, so I kind of brush it off.”

“I’m just a regular 16 year old kid. I make good grilled cheese and I like girls.”

“I’d like to be an architect. That would be cool. I like drawing.”

“I still [use Twitter] as much as before. People write to me and say, ‘I’m giving up, you’re not talking to me.’ I just write them a simple message like, ‘Never give up,’ you know? And it changes their life.”

“I also try to read all of my fan mail. A lot of them send me candy, which I’m not allowed to eat ’cause my mom says it might be poisonous.”

“I have a house in Stratford and I got a house in Atlanta but I don’t really live anywhere–I live on the road. I’m kind of like living in a suitcase, travelling so much.”

“I definitely want to buy my mom a house once I get enough funds. I think that’s definitely something that I want to do. I think that any person, it’s their dream to buy their mother a house.”

“I have crushes, but they’re all too old. Like Beyonce -she has a husband, I might get shot. I went up to give Beyonce a hug at the Grammys and Jay-Z said, watch out buddy! He was kidding, but you know…”

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Justin Bieber Quotes
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