Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nokia 5800 Screen Problem: How To Solve (VIDEOS)

I own a Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic phone. And in my earlier post I made mention about me getting a new phone because my Nokia 5800 phone doesn't function well anymore. One of the major problems was the screen. The screen goes blurry,dim and sometimes turns completely black. I can't see the text on the phone nor can I check the contacts etc.

What seems to be the problem? Could be the LCD, so  I had the phone checked and yes, I was right, there was a problem with the LCD. However, the cost of getting a new LCD is 2,500 pesos or  more or less $30. I am not rich and as much as possible I try to save money. In short, I did not replace the LCD.

I searched online for possible solutions and gladly I found these two videos. The temporary solution works but not all the time. But at least it makes my phone usable again. The permanent solution I am yet to try. I will update on what happens then, if it works or not.

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Nokia 5800 Screen Problem: How To Solve (VIDEOS)
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great!! nice job!!