Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Watch Movie Online Megavideo Streaming?

Watch Movie Online Megavideo Streaming? A lot of people nowadays use Megavideo to watch free movies online. Youtube however remains very popular. But Megavideo is not that far behind. To watch movie online via megavideo streaming, one need not sign up for Megavideo account especially where the movie streaming is just embeded in websites or blogs. Megavideo now has a lot of members. Virtually one can think of any movie and just search for it on Megavideo.

I am a megavideo member. I've come across many movies that are available for free viewing on Megavideo. Due to internet signal constraints, I don't really watch movie online megavideo streaming. But I can attest there are indeed free movies on Megavideo.

It is hard to tell if these movies are being streamed legally. Hence, if you must watch movie online via megavideo streaming you do so at your own risk!

There is however a legal way to watch Movies online. You can register at MoviesCapital for unlimited movie downloads 24/7.   The cost for sign up is only $39.95 which I think is very reasonable for you can download all movies all day long. The cost used to be over $70 but they have lowered the sign up fee considerably as they are getting more and more sign ups daily. It's really a good site, I believe.

Update: For a list of movies plus synopsis for the month of August, do visit - MOVIE ADDICTUS

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Watch Movie Online Megavideo Streaming?
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