Thursday, July 29, 2010

Looking For A Cheap PDA Phone!

Yes, that's right! I need a new PDA Phone. My old nokia 5800 phone's LCD is broken. The cost to repair it is at 2500 to 3,000 pesos or $66 more or less. Instead of getting it fixed, I choose to buy a new PDA phone. I've searched and for available PDA phones. I've seen quite a few good second hand phones but I am yet to close a deal..  If you know of anyone selling cheap PDA phones, please let me know via You can also leave a comment in this blog post too. I am an ebayer as well so I can pay sellers thru ebay -paypal or even through banking or gcash. 

I badly need a new pda phone! So please help me by sharing this post anywhere like on facebook or friendster, etc. I have a 4500 to 6,000 pesos or $130 maximum budget which I based on ebay, sulit, olx. I may increase my budget depending on the unit's condition.

Some specifications I am looking for:

- excellent condition
- at least 95% scratchless- or well so long as it's presentable
- with 3g
- wifi ready
- at least 2 megapixel camera

Some good PDA phone brands I want:

- Dopod 838 Pro
- O2 Xda Zinc

With this post, I think sellers will have no problem trusting me especially when it comes to Paypal payments. Many ebayers don't use paypal because of the fear of getting scammed or defrauded.

Don't forget to email me your offers. If you have a PDA phone that you wish to give away, I'll be a happy but yes, seriously, you'll make me very happy! :))

And one more thing, if you wish to help me to increase my budget, you can always donate at least a dollar  or  (45 pesos) to my paypal account -see right sidebar.. .  Thanks a million! :)

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Looking For A Cheap PDA Phone!
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