Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kristina Hagan Photos: Hagan Accuses David Boreanaz of Harassment

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David Boreanaz is accused of sexual harassment! David of Bones is accused by Kristina Hagan, a fellow actor who appeared as an extra in Bones. In the actual lawsuit filed by her lawyer , she is also suing him for ‘Intentional infliction of emotional distress’. 

Now, what basically happened here? According to Kristina Hagan's side, somewhere in September 2009, David volunteered to give her a rid and allegedly drove her to a park.

“[David] attempted to kiss her and touch her breasts but she pushed him away. [He then] unzipped his pants, pulled out his penis and began stroking it until he ejaculated. He also “pushed himself on top of her, and when he tried to put his hand down her pants and touch her, she pushed him off of her.”
Even then, allegedly, the harassment continued as David allegedly continued bothering her texting her and sending her photos of David's private parts.

According to David's camp:

“The allegations concerning any alleged inappropriate conduct by David Boreanaz are totally fabricated and absurd. There is no validity to this lawsuit.”

What do you think of this issue? Do you think David Boreanaz can possibly do what he is accused of? Share your thoughts. :)

Kristina Hagan Photo/Picture

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Kristina Hagan Photos: Hagan Accuses David Boreanaz of Harassment
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