Thursday, July 15, 2010


Who is Kerligirl13? I don't know who she is but she seems to be on top of the searches today. Is she an actress? A supermodel? Kerligirl13? No results online for Kerligirl13. Who is she? I will try to search for more information on this girl or whatever this is.

Update: Vinubuzz, just copied exactly the line of sentences I wrote above.. huh! you can check out the results on google on who gets to publish this first.. Why VinuBuzz? Why? Can't you just make a few sentences without copying what I wrote verbatim?

See the proof in the photos below.

 And another site copied my post again- APK News. What's wrong with these sites. Frustrating.. so frustrating.. Can I just get a credit instead?

Anyway, Kerligril13? Still not much there is online,except for a few videos that show up on the first page (TOP 2) results actually..

UPDATE: Kerligirl13 is a youtube user! Check out my updates here-- Kerligirl13 Videos

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